Meal Planning Monday 26th January 2014

After being so organised with the meal planning, and the blog, last week I haven’t done so well today and I am writing this at gone 10pm! But, I am very pleased to report that all meals went well last week including the two new ones I cooked. The Tikka Masala was a little spicier than I’ve cooked for the kids before but they all ate it, and even more importantly they enjoyed it! The gnocchi was enjoyed by everyone except Jasmine and she did like the sauce just not the gnocchi, so next time she’ll get pasta instead.

So this week.. well pay day isn’t until the middle of the week so I am going for simple or out of the freezer meals!

Here is our meal plan for this week:

Monday – Pasta Crumble

Tuesday – Spaghetti with lentil ragu

Wednesday – Pizza and chips

Thursday – Quorn shephards pie

Friday – Spaghetti with lentil ragu (yes, again!)

Saturday – Quorn sausage, mash, veggie gravy

Sunday – Jacket potato, cheese, beans, salad


Saturday Snippets 24th January 2015

{Wondering} where on earth this week has gone. We seem to have been really busy, but at the same time haven’t really done anything unusual. Its just been a full week of Home Ed stuff and meeting friends.

{Feeling} cold. Winter seems to have arrived.

{Shopping} Asda on a Saturday afternoon … not really as bad as I was expecting but still reminded me why I usually go in the week!

{Eating} Gnocchi Primavera with parmesan cream sauce. So yummy!

{Realising} that two weeks tomorrow Ben turns 5.. eek!

{Planning} what to do and where to go tomorrow. We want a day out but can’t decide where to go!

{Snapshots} I finally finished our project display board this week and also put up a “letters, sounds and word” wall. Thomas and Jasmine have enjoyed having some words to learn to spell. Thomas enjoyed an activity I’d set up where he had to look through the dictionary to find the definition of some words relating to rocks. Jasmine has done lots of writing this week again. Ben counted to 100 with the help of the 1-100 poster. He is really enjoying numbers at the moment.


Meal Planning Monday 19th January 2015

We had a disastrous start to the week meal-wise last week! After Monday’s meal that turned into mush when I defrosted it, Tuesday didn’t go an better as I tried to cook a spanish omelette with the wrong type of potatoes .. apparently it really does matter that they are new and white potatoes just won’t do! Serves me right for trying to cut corners! But from Wednesday onwards it all went well and everyone ate well.

This week I am being very brave and trying out two new dishes. Well, one new and one just different. The kids really enjoy the mild spicy food I have been cooking recently and so I am upping the anti and trying a Quorn Tikka Masala and then I am trying a new Gnocchi dish as well with cream cheese and vegetables.

So this weeks plan looks like this:

Monday – Quorn cottage pie

Tuesday – Bean stew with potato wedges

Wednesday – Macaroni cheese

Thursday – Bean stew leftovers with rice

Friday – Gnocci with vegetables and cream cheese sauce

Saturday – Quorn Tikka Masala

Sunday – Toad in the hole



Saturday Snippets 17th January 2015

{Struggling} with an angry 7 year old before I’d even got dressed this morning and grateful he calmed down and has been OK for the rest of the day.

{Watching} Jasmine at gymnastics .. it was much more successful than last week thankfully.

{Enjoying} sitting with Ben while he plays “the train game” .. an alphabet app with trains in. He is finally getting to grips with letters!

{Planning} meals for next week.. usually Sunday’s job but the kids were busy playing so I made the most of the time available!

{Listening} to Thomas read jokes from one of his joke books.

{Wishing} printer ink wasn’t so expensive, or lasted longer, or both. I replaced the cyan cartridge a week ago, printed bits for our rocks display and it has run out already!

{Reading} One Hundred Hungry Ants as the bedtime story.

{Snapshots} Thomas has finished another couple of DK Readers L3 Star Wars books. When we were counting money into money bags yesterday he worked out the link between counting in 2s and counting in 20p’s to £1. Jasmine has been busy creating things this week. She has written a book for Ben, made a Furby hat for herself and designed a rocket using sticky foam pads. Ben counted to 100 in tens yesterday (I totally didn’t know he could do that!) and has spent a lot of time drawing over the last couple of days.



Butterflies in the Glasshouse at RHS Wisley (2015)

One of my most favourite things to do during the year is to go to the Butterflies in the Glasshouse event at RHS Wisley Gardens. The event officially opens tomorrow (17th January) however the butterflies arrived early and as soon as I found this out I planned our trip!

We went yesterday and had a really lovely day. I was a little worried about the weather but, although it was windy, it wasn’t too cold and we missed the rain entirely!

On arrival our first stop was, of course, the Glasshouse! I wasn’t sure how many butterflies we would see as the event isn’t supposed to have even started yet so I was thrilled there were so many around!

Butterfly 1 Butterfly 2 Butterfly 3 Butterfly 4 Butterfly 5

After quite a while in the glasshouse the heat finally got to the kids (it gets very hot and humid as they try and keep the temperature up for the butterflies) so we went to get lunch before exploring the gardens for the afternoon.

Having been to Wisley several times before we have explored almost all of the gardens but I was certain there was one part we hadn’t seen before so we set off looking for it.

Butterfly 6Butterfly 7

We discovered this rather beautiful waterfall feature and  an allotment type area with an amazing Squash/Gourd collection. And then we ended up in the Orchard, where we have been many times before! Maybe there isn’t as much that we haven’t seen as I thought!

The kids enjoyed running up and down the fruit mound a few times and then we set off across the gardens to the Pinetum – possibly our favourite part of the gardens as it is open and usually quiet.

Yesterday there were puddles to play in …

Butterfly 8 Butterfly 9

and treasures to collect…

Butterfly 10 Butterfly 11

Parting with these treasures at the end of the day was hard for some but we all left Wisley happy and tired.. the signs of a good day out!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Alphabet Photography Project 2 | A is for…


A is forDuring our holiday back in September last year we discovered that not far from our caravan site stood the oldest stone cross in Cornwall, St Piran’s Cross. It was mentioned in a charter of King Edgar in A.D. 960, by which time it was already an old landmark.. so I think it can definitely be described as ancient!

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

Meal Planning Monday 12th January 2015

Last weeks meal plan all went well. The coconut dahl was delicious and is definitely something I will be including again, and I remembered how much I love lasagne so even though I’m not great at making it (think crazy paving lasagne sheets!) I will be making that more often too.

This week I thought I would use some of the food we have stored in the freezer. We have two or three large portions of various meals stored so it seems daft to cook more when we have them in already. I planned accordingly and then this evening when I started reheating the veg/bean mix (probably bean stew once upon a time) I realised just how long it must have been in the freezer for as it turned to mush! Not a great start at all! A quick trip to the chippy put it right though and instead of Quorn sausage and freezer food we had Quorn sausage and chips!

So the rest of this week look like this:

Tuesday – Spanish omelette with Quorn hotdogs

Wednesday – Macaroni cheese, garlic bread

Thursday – Meadow Pie

Friday – Pasta crumble

Saturday – Spaghetti bolognese (bolognese sauce from the freezer)

Sunday – Jacket potato, cheese, beans, salad




Its a bit late to be posting this but I’m squeezing it in quickly before midnight (New Years Resolution was to be in bed by midnight!)

Bug T

I saw this T-Shirt online at the end of last week and it caught my eye as it is just perfect for Jasmine. I saw it on the Let Clothes Be Clothes Facebook page though as Marks and Spencer are selling it as a “boys” T Shirt.

Now, if I took Jasmine in to the shop and she saw this she wouldn’t want it as she is a girl and she likes to buy “girls” clothes. I bought it online though and it is now her favourite T-Shirt. She doesn’t need to know that M&S think girls wouldn’t be interested in bugs. (Or dinosaurs. Or space.) She doesn’t need to know, but something does need to be done.

As a mother of a daughter who does like bugs (and dinosaurs and space although bugs are her most favourite!) I am closely following the  #letclothesbeclothes campaign. If you haven’t heard about it yet please take a look and hopefully we can stop the ridiculous gender stereotypes all around us.