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Sand dunes

S is forWe have just spent a week in Cornwall, staying at the Haven resort in Perranporth. The Haven site is right next to Penhale Sands, the most extensive system of sand dunes in Cornwall. A Site of Special Scientific Interest and designated as a Special Area of Conservation, the dunes are one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and we spent two afternoons exploring them. On the first occasion we found this amazing “sand pit” as the kids called it! The photo doesn’t do it justice and it was huge!

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Project 365 (2014) Week 36 and 37

Week 36Week 37

2 weeks in one go this week because I forgot to do one before we went on holiday. Also I am missing a day.. Day 243 (31st August) got lost when I tried to be clever with my phone and lost loads of photos :-(

As I am going to be blogging all about our holiday I’m not actually writing anything about these photos.. I just wanted to get a quick blog up with the photos on so I don’t get any further behind.

Our Home Education Week | Catching Up

We have been quite busy since my last post. Last week we did some bike riding and kite flying, we went to the local Environmental Fair and spent another lovely afternoon at Devonshire Avenue Nature Reserve with our home education group. At the start of the week I bought some new felt tips as all our old ones were running out so we all spent quite a lot of time drawing and colouring in as well – even Granny joined in with us while she was staying for a few days! Jasmine and Thomas did a couple of word-searches and all three kids completed a mosaic each from an Orb Factory mosaic kit.

This week we have been to the Ecology Centre newt hunting and pond dipping, met our home education group at a local playground and been to Garson’s Farm to pick some fruit and vegetables.

EcolCen1ChPk1Jasmine and Thomas have completed several pages out of a new workbook I got for them and Ben has done some writing practice and letter work. As I have said a few times before we don’t do much “sit down” table work and the majority of the learning is verbal or from TV documentaries or computer programmes and such like, so when we do sit down like this several things happen..

Firstly, I am always pleasantly surprised just how much Thomas and Jasmine know! They are currently enjoying working through a Gold Stars Ready for School Big Workbook Ages 6-7, which I guess is the level they would be working towards if they were at school, and they are flying through it! They have both chosen to do some English and some phonics and are finding it very easy so far. Thomas has also done a couple of the maths pages and so far he has flown through them. He actually amazed me with how quickly he managed to answer some simple addition problems!

It is really interesting to see how much easier they both find the writing now. Last year it was a struggle to get them to put pen to paper so we didn’t do much writing at all, but they seem much more ready for it now. And as they are doing more they are improving every time.

Ben, on the other hand, doesn’t want to miss out when we are at the table but he is really not ready for it yet. He still hasn’t decided which hand to write with and I can’t decide whether to push him one way or the other yet, so one minute the pencil is in his left hand and then the next it is in his right! His control is quite good but he doesn’t have a good pencil hold even with a grip thing on. This week he has done some writing practice because that was what he asked to do but once it goes past lines and curves he gets stuck. I am going to have to find some very practical ways to work with him I think.

This week we also started our Recorder lessons. Well, I mean lessons in the loosest sense of the word! The plan is to try and sit down for half an hour or so, not every day but a few days a week and teach Jasmine and Thomas how to play the recorder. I am also trying to include some music theory in as well but this is proving more challenging as I am learning alongside them! So far so good though and they have learnt to play B, A, G and Thomas has also learnt C and D. He can play Hot Cross Buns too!

We are on holiday next week so I doubt I will manage a round-up of our home education until we’ve been back a week or so (it always takes time to settle back into normal life after a week away!), but rest assured we’ll be keeping busy and learning loads at the same time and I’ll catch up as soon as I can.

Alphabet Photography Project | Q is for…


Q is forWe made some quill pens a few weeks ago after finding lots of beautiful large duck feathers by Ladybower Reservoir in Sheffield. We haven’t done much writing with them but they are quite good fun to get out once in a while and experiment with. They also make quite good photo props when you need to find something beginning with the letter Q!

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Meal Planning Monday 1st September 2014

OMG, it is September! Seriously, this year has flown by!

But even more amazing is that I am still meal planning! I never thought I’d manage it for this long but it has been so useful that I am well and truly hooked now. It has made a huge difference to us all.. the  kids are eating better and it has really helped us budget and save money.

Straight on to this weeks plan then:

Monday – Macaroni Cheese, garlic bread

Tuesday – Jacket Potato, chilli beans, cheese

Wednesday – Satay, noodles

Thursday – Chilli Beans, rice

Friday – Quorn Korma

Saturday – Taco’s

Sunday – Meadow Pie


Project 356 (2014) Week 35

Week 35#236.. We’ve been promising the kids we’d take them out on bikes all summer and today we finally managed it. We went to Nonsuch Park and despite not cycling for a while both Thomas and Jasmine managed it straight away! Ben did really well on the balance bike too so we really need to get the pedals back on and get him started soon.

#237.. We braved the EcoLocal Environmental Fair today, despite the very heavy rain. The fair was pretty quiet but we still managed to have a great time. The kids made mini scarecrows on the Community Allotment stall and we bought a Venus Fly Trap!

#238.. We had friends round today and it rained again so we stayed indoors. By about 3oClock cabin fever was setting in so I printed off some colouring sheets and we sat down and did some colouring. It calmed everyone down nicely!

#239.. Back at a local nature reserve with our home education group today. We collected some berries to use in  recipes but mostly the kids played. They also found some chalk and did some sums on the wooden play area!

#240.. There was a breeze in the air today so we went to Morden Park and flew our kites.

#241.. A fairly quiet day at home and the kids did a mosiac each. They really enjoy doing these and once finished I think they look great.

#242.. I am going to start teaching Jasmine and Thomas to play the recorder over the next week or so. We only had 2 recorders – both bought at the Church Fair – so I decided to buy myself one and it arrived today. I can’t wait to get started now!
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Alphabet Photography Project | P is for…


P is forEvery year we go to the local Pick Your Own Farm in September or October and carefully select a pumpkin to bring home. Well, I say “a” pumpkin, but really we get several because the kids want one each to carve and I love pumpkin soup so I get one just for cooking too. I love looking out over the field of pumpkins and squash… Autumn food at its best.

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