Normal Home Ed Days

The rest of our week has passed fairly uneventfully. On Wednesday it was the usual Forest School bunch here in the morning. There was Lego play and other imaginative games. After lunch, once I’d dropped them all off at 1pm I went over to visit a friend for a cuppa and a chat and then after Forest School we watched TV and read a few chapters of Beast Quest book 8.

Thursday morning was maths for everyone. Thomas and Jasmine went over doubling/halving and the three times table before we did some work on coordinates. I designed a treasure map and wrote down the coordinates of all the places and they had to recreate it on their own map. They both managed it easily :-) They then spent the rest of the time designing their own map and writing down the coordinates for me to recreate later. While they were doing that I worked with Ben on place value. We used a worksheet, a 100 square and unifix cubes to show tens and units and he was definitely starting to get it.

In the afternoon we went to HE Group. Thomas and Jasmine did French and then they all played with their friends. By the end of the session Jasmine was struggling and we had tears a few times so by the time we got home I was feeling more than a little frazzled, also not helped by the fact that I had forgotten to prep the veg for dinner in the morning so it was a rush to get everything prepped and cooked by 5pm so we had time to eat before Thomas went to Cubs.

Luckily the day did improve as I took the kids to a friends house while Thomas was at Cubs. Jasmine and Ben watched a film with their friends and I sat down and had a lovely chat with my friend :-) I left her house feeling much better and even when Thomas came out of Cubs quite cross I managed to remain calm and had a good chat with him about what had happened. They had played a game he didn’t like and the leaders kept asking him if he wanted to join in. Rather than say No thank you, Thomas had got cross and shouted at them. I explained that it was because they wanted to make sure he was enjoying himself, so next time he should just tell them he is happy to watch at the moment. It seemed to work and he suddenly remembered that they had done something else he did enjoy so he is happy to give it another go next week, and this time he will try talking to the leaders :-)

Today (Friday) we went to the post office and then shopping this morning. Jasmine got some new trainers after I noticed her current ones were too small for her yesterday. She is growing so much at the moment I can’t keep up! She is now a shoe size 13.. gone up at least one size, if not more, since the last time she was measured (and it wasn’t that long ago!) After lunch we had 3 of the kids friends round for a couple of hours – they watched Nexo Knights and Pokemon and then we played the Deadly 60 board game and Duplo Pokemon all at the same time. Once they had gone home we went to Ikea to do a bit more shopping and got dinner in the restaurant. Back at home we just had time to watch Nexo Knights before the kids went to bed.


Swimming, Pokemon, Science & Nexo Knights

After our day out at Polesden Lacey on Saturday, Sunday was a quiet, indoor day. We didn’t really do much at all. The kids played and we watched quite a lot of TV. The only thing worth mentioning is that we finished the third Harry Potter book.

Monday and Tuesday have both been positive days. Yesterday I managed to squeeze a session of Reading Eggs in with Ben before him and Jasmine had their swimming lesson. He is reading quite well now but we need to work on sight words and fluency. He tries to apply phonics to everything he reads, even if it is a sight word we’ve worked on before, so I need to have a think about what we can do going forward.

The swimming lesson went really well. Their normal teacher is off for a few weeks so they’ve got a stand-in and he seemed great. The kids liked him too, which is always a bonus! Jasmine managed lots of swimming without a float and the teacher even got Ben to put his face in the water a few times :-)

In the afternoon we started a new science topic.. Energy. I am hoping that with this we can cover all sorts of sub-topics so we started by drawing a flow diagram of all the sorts of energy we could think off. We’d been talking about it for a couple of days already so they had lots of ideas (gravity, magnetic, wind, heat, food, movement, electricity, water). As we did some electronics last week we decided to start this topic by looking at electricity. While the kids can all build a simple circuit I want to go a bit more in-depth with them. I downloaded a few things from Twinkl and we began by looking at electrical vs non-electrical things, then watched a slide show explaining electricity (free electrons, move in one direction only). I then showed Jasmine and Thomas the worksheet on compete and incomplete circuits and asked them which circuits would and would not light the bulb. They both answered correctly and identified the reasons for their answers. I love seeing what they already know just from their own investigations :-) Finally we built another Connex kit and we saw how electricity (battery) was turned into movement (motor and water wheel) and how the water wheel could move water.


The kids then wanted to build another Connex kit we’ve recently bought so we started that one but they’d been “working” for quite a while by then so despite them actually wanting to do it, they argued and messed about enough that we decided it was best left for another day. They went off to play with the new Pokemon figures that also arrived today – 50 small plastic Pokemon from eBay .. just what every house needs 😉 – while I made dinner.

The evening’s excitement came in the form of the new Lego TV series – Nexo Knights. All the kids have been looking forward to this since before Christmas when they released the first instalment! So that was 30 minutes of relative calm before bed.

Today we started with handwriting, and once again I had no moaning or complaints from anyone :-) Jasmine and Thomas are both working on joining up now, and Ben is also making definite progress.

After lunch was Thomas’ swimming lesson and he was really looking forward to it because it was his new teacher. Once again he did so much better than previous weeks. I was watching carefully today and one thing I noticed is that the new teacher only ever does 3 or 4 widths of the same thing before moving on to something different. The old teacher used to spend a whole lesson on one thing and Thomas would get very bored. Today they worked on 4 or 5 different things in the half hour lesson and then recapped them all at the end. This works so much better for Thomas and I can see a huge improvement in ability, confidence and behaviour in just 2 lessons!

Back at home and the kids got the gears out to play with while I made dinner. This evening Jasmine went to Brownies and the boys watched more Nexo Knights. Jasmine wasn’t impressed that she’d miss it but it has been recorded so they can all watch it again tomorrow.






An afternoon at Polesden Lacey

This year I am determined to get outdoors more. We love being outdoors and both Gordon and I agree that we want the kids to enjoy as much of a #naturalchildhood as possible. Historically we’ve enjoyed getting out and about, to local National Trust estates and parks, to WWT Wetland Centres, to local parks and woodland, but last year we didn’t seem to do as much. I don’t know if that is true, or if the wet winter months are skewing my memory, but I don’t remember exploring as many new places, or spending as many whole days out in fields and woodland. I guess part of it is the kids getting older and having more of a say in what we do, but we want them to enjoy being out in nature as much as we do and the only way that is going to happen is if we continue getting out and enjoying ourselves. So this year my aim is to have at least one full day out every month. More, if possible, but at least one.

This weekend just gone gave me the perfect opportunity to put my aim into practice! We had a completely clear weekend with no plans. Gordon was working but the weather looked to be good (dry at least!) so I spoke to the kids and gave them a few choices of places to go. They chose Polesden Lacey, a National Trust estate in the Surrey Hills. We have been a few times before but not for a while, so it would be nice to explore once again.

As usual we were a little late leaving and so arrived at lunch time. The kids had eaten a snack in the car however so chose to explore a little first. We didn’t have long as we’d booked onto the house tour at 1.20pm, but it gave us an hour to have a short walk and eat lunch. We walked down the path towards the bird hide and the kids found a “den” to play in while I watched the birds.. perfect!

We headed back to the picnic tables and ate a little food. It really was only a little in some cases and climbing trees and pretending they’d found the Whomping Willow was much more important (Harry Potter of course!)


With a few minutes to spare we headed over to the House for the Family Tour. While we do love being outdoors, the kids also really love looking round old properties. I used to find it so boring as a child, but they really, really enjoy it! Thomas moaned about it for a few minutes, until we got inside and then he became the most animated child on the tour! He asked all sorts of questions and was right there to answer anything we were asked! By the end of the tour – it was only thirty minutes and three rooms – the guides told me how wonderful it was to see such enthusiastic children who obviously enjoyed looking round the property :-)

After the tour I grabbed a cup of tea from the kiosk and we spent a few minutes in the adventure playground before leaving the gardens and heading out onto the estate for a walk. There are a few walks around the estate and valley, of varying lengths and terrains, and I picked a 2-miles walk that the leaflet said should take less than an hour. The National Trust have recently put up new signs all around the estate, so the kids loved checking the map and reading the signs to make sure we were going the right way!

We found large sticks to help us on our way, clambered up trees, ran down hills, sat and admired stunning views and wondered what had made such a huge hole in the ground in one field..

2We walked through the tree tunnel, we got a bit tired and found a stump to rest on, we watched the sheep in the field and found a “high path” to walk on..

3The walk took us well over an hour to complete, and I don’t think we went that slowly. We obviously did quite a lot of stop/start exploring along the way! We had reached the top of a steep hill and I looked at the time .. it was 4pm! So we made the final push to the finish. Why, oh why is the muddiest part of the walk always at the end?!

4Its a good job we have good outdoor clothing! The boys still managed to get wet and muddy through their waterproofs but I dread to think what they’d be like without them!

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Pokemon, more Pokemon and starting Cubs

Wednesday and Thursday continued as Monday and Tuesday had been.. days full of activities. Wednesday saw five children here for most of the day because as well as having the extra two in the morning they came back after Forest School and stayed for dinner.

In the morning the kids all played some board games before Gordon took two children to the local Chinese supermarket to get some food for dinner. While they were gone the other three played with playmobil. After Forest School all five played with Lego and Playmobil for the rest of the afternoon.

On Thursday we started with Maths and French for Jasmine and Thomas. In the afternoon we went to HE Group where the big two did French and all three watched the science, and they played with their friends.

in the evening Thomas went to his first Cubs group. I was a bit nervous whether he would like it or not because he still isn’t hugely confident in groups. He knew one other boy so they went in together and, despite initially saying he wanted me to stay, he settled in quickly and was happy for me to leave. And when I collected him 90 minutes later he told me he had really enjoyed it and is happy to go again :-) He didn’t join in the game they had played and one of the leaders told me he had been quite shy at first, but as soon as the activity began (they made bird feeders from plastic bottles and wooden spoons) he was much happier and chatted away.  I really hope he continues enjoying it because I think being part of the group could be really good for him.

Today has been altogether different and, after the non-stop week we’ve had so far, I for one needed to take things much easier! We had a pretty lazy morning in the house. The kids played Lego and watched some TV (Pokemon). After lunch we went to the library to swap some books. We’ve come back with three Pokemon books this time, as well as science books, a Beast Quest Early Reader (Thomas), Dr Seuss and a book on reptiles (Jasmine) and some FunnyBones books and a book about fire engines (Ben). I also picked up Gangsta Granny on CD… we are really enjoying David Walliams at the moment. We also needed to do some shopping and I bought the kids a Lego Minifigure each from the new series.

The rest of the day was spent watching TV – Dragons Defenders of Berk on DVD and more Pokemon.


Happy scientists and swimmers

We’ve had two very full days yesterday and today. Not busy as such.. we’ve taken everything at our our pace so we’ve not been busy. But we’ve fitted a lot in.

Yesterday started with swimming for Jasmine and Ben. Ben didn’t have a great lesson despite me filling him with food beforehand (I’ve been trialling giving him loads to eat before the lesson to see if it was hunger that was affecting his behaviour, but he had loads to eat yesterday and yet still played up), but Jasmine did brilliantly :-) She really has her confidence now and did some great swimming both on her front and, finally, on her back! She even managed a star float on her front with no floats :-)

After swimming, back at home, we had science timetabled. We finished the Mystery Science module last week and I fancied doing something different before we start another so I dug out a kit we bought from Maplin before Christmas.. this Connex 3D Science Animations Kit. I looked at the instructions and realised that the kids would be able to do it by themselves and I was quite right. They (mostly Thomas I admit) read the instructions and put the kit together with no help at all! I was really impressed with them, and actually with the kit! It worked exactly as it should have done, was easy to do and they really enjoyed it. They got a great sense of achievement too and we have agreed to try more in the range!

So we talked about Persistence of Vision and why it looked like the little man was running and bouncing the ball. For something so simple it was a great half an hour spent.

The kids were really into the science so when we’d finished I got the snap circuits electronics out and Jasmine and Ben played with them while Thomas and I built a kaleidoscope using another kit he got for Christmas. As soon as I saw this one back in December I knew he’d love it and, once again, the kit was brilliant. Easy to put together and a great result!

And then we all moved to the electronics and Thomas built a couple of complex circuits .. at one point managing to get one working that I had just failed to do! (And I don’t even know what he did differently but it worked when he did it but not when I tried!!)

l m

Oh, and we also wore our new tie-dye T Shirts :-)


Today started with handwriting.. and once again no complaints from anyone! Thomas did one page I printed for him and then asked (yes, actually asked!) for a handwriting book like Jasmine’s :-) So I found it (I bought them all one ages ago) and we wrote the days of the week joined up. He did so well! Jasmine did a few pages from her workbook and then also did the days of the week in her handwriting book. Ben did his letter book and a couple of CVC word sheets. Once we’d finished, the boys built the Connex kit again to show daddy. Next was Reading Eggs, Ben first and then Thomas.

This afternoon was Thomas’ swimming lesson. He had a different teacher today because his regular teacher is away for a couple of months, After a morning of him saying he didn’t want to go (even after last week when he was happy to swim) he absolutely loved his new teacher and came out of his lesson happier than I think I’ve ever seen him about his swimming lesson! His actual words were “James makes it more fun. He tells me in a better way I understand” :-) :-) It is so nice to see him confident and smiling about it again.

After swimming Jasmine did some drawing and the boys played upstairs. Jasmine had Brownies after dinner and the boys watched more Pokemon.

Art, craft and pink T-Shirts!

Four days to catch up on. The first thing to note is that I got the germs and have a horrible sore throat. It is manageable with paracetamol and strepsils but I feel pretty rough this evening. Gordon goes back to work tomorrow so I hope it isn’t going to get worse.

Thursday started with maths – adding to 10 for Ben, doubles and times tables for Jasmine and Thomas. In the afternoon we went to HE Group. J&T had their French session. Thomas struggled and Gordon had to sit in as he was disrupting the other children. He was fine for the rest of the afternoon though and watched the Science and played nicely with his friends.

On Friday we enjoyed a day of no organised activities. We still kept ourselves very busy though! In the morning we did a bit of shopping, including a trip to Hobbycraft for green and black acrylic paint for the afternoon’s activity. In the afternoon we painted Minecraft themed pictures on canvas.


On Saturday we had friends round and we tried tie dying. I’ve wanted to tie dye for as long as I can remember so when I saw a kit in the Boots sale just after Christmas I bought it straight away! It was pretty easy to do, only made more complicated by trying to do it with four small children! Luckily we had three adults present as lots of sets of hands were needed!

jOnce the dying was done we needed to leave the T-Shirts overnight so we wrapped them all in plastic bags and left them out of the way. The kids got on with playing and watching some TV but by mid-afternoon there was a definite need to get some fresh air so we took them all to the local playground. They had a good run round and enjoyed the fresh air – we had a couple of accidents when Jasmine trapped her finger in a spinning wheel thing and Ben and his friend collided, resulting in a split lip for Ben. But they all had a good time anyway!

Today has been all about rinsing and washing T-Shirts! We were all excited to see how they’d turned out but have been just a little bit disappointed that the pink dye doesn’t seem to have worked very well and instead of being bright in some places, it is very faint all over. It doesn’t seem to have taken as well as the orange and blue and has just turned all the white patches pale pink! I’m not sure whether we did something wrong or what?! Luckily nobody seems to mind that much.

kJasmine also did some drawing today, working with one of her “How to draw” books. And we started watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets film. I’m not sure we’ll finish it as the kids aren’t sure they want to see the Basilisk (even after we’ve shown them footage on YouTube of how it was made), but hopefully they’ll decide it is OK and we’ll watch the end in the next day or two. They were fine with Aragog so I’m using that as a selling point!



Positive days and winter colds

Yesterday we started with handwriting and, for once, everyone did it without complaining :-)  Thomas even tried some joined up writing! He told me afterwards that he started doing it because, in his words, “I thought you’d be cross” (as in, he thought he was doing it wrong and was doing it on purpose!) , but he got so much praise for doing it that he completed the whole two sheets in record time! He seems to have picked up loads just from listening to me and Jasmine talking about the joins. He was so pleased with himself and talked about it all day! Ben and Jasmine also did some great writing.

After handwriting we nipped into town to return two library books and get some shopping. Home for lunch and then Jasmine did some drawing, Gordon and Thomas started work on a wooden model Gordon got for his birthday and I managed to squeeze in a session on Reading Eggs with Ben before Thomas had his swimming lesson. The lesson today was much better than last week. They worked on swimming on his back and he is more confident on his back than his front. He managed a whole width without stopping :-)

When we got home from the swimming lesson Jasmine (who had been feeling a bit poorly all day) had got worse. It is just a winter cold but it is the first we’ve had so she was really feeling the effects. She decided she was too poorly to go to Brownies so I didn’t need to rush dinner on to the table. I went for a walk to get my step count up and the kids watched TV until I got home and cooked dinner. After dinner was more TV, Harry Potter and bed.


Today started early for me (I went for an early morning jog/walk) and everyone else too as our friends arrived earlier than we expected for the morning before Forest School. Luckily both Gordon and I were up and dressed (just) but the kids were still all in bed! So the 2 additional children had to wait and play by themselves while we all had breakfast and the kids got dressed! Lucky we know them well!

The morning was mostly spent playing board games. We played 3D Snakes & Ladders, Downfall, Blokus and Jenga. The little two went upstairs to play Lego and after a while Thomas went up too. The girls built a castle from Jenga blocks but then one went up to join the boys, leaving Jasmine downstairs by herself. After a brief moment of sadness (she didn’t want to play Lego) she started drawing with Gordon and all was right with the world again.

Lunch was beans on toast and then we started the mammoth task of getting five children ready to leave the house, four of them requiring full warm, wet weather clothes! (Jasmine chose not to go to Forest School today because of her cold.) It took over half an hour but we eventually managed to get everyone in the car and to Forest School on time!

While four were at Forest School Gordon, Jasmine and I went into Cheam to look round a couple of charity shops and have a hot chocolate in Costa Coffee. We found something in the charity shops for everyone – I got a pair of jeans, Gordon got a model plane, Jasmine chose a soft toy Moshi Monster, we found a dinosaur jigsaw for Ben and a Deadly 60 board game for Thomas!

Once back at home Ben immediately started on his jigsaw. After dinner we played the Deadly 60 game. It is good fun, but quite complicated. I think Ben got a little bored, but it could have been because he was tired. Jasmine and Thomas enjoyed it though.


Icy puddles!

When we got back from Wisley on Friday I had a parcel waiting for me. Gordon didn’t tell me until after the kids had gone to bed though so I opened it and realised it was the travelling toy we are hosting as part of a Home Ed project. When the kids saw it on Saturday morning they were very excited and we had to decide where to go to “show” the toy a local place of interest. We hosted this same toy last time it was “travelling” so couldn’t take it to my fail-safe place to go with the kids by myself (WWT London)! So we decided to go to Morden Hall Park as it is quite close by, an easy trip and very pretty.

It was a really cold day so we had to wrap up warm – never easy trying to get 3 kids in full warm wet weather gear and I usually end up flustered (as proved on this occasion….)  We drove over to Morden Hall Park and as I parked the car I realised I’d forgotten to put the kids coats in the car! They had wellies, fleeces, waterproof dungarees, hats, scarves, gloves.. but I didn’t want them to overheat in the car so I was meant to put coats in the boot. Oops! Luckily it is only a ten minute drive so we turned round, drove home, collected coats and drove there again!

We enjoyed a lovely walk round the park. The kids were keen to go in the play area and when we got there we discovered the wet ground totally frozen and basically a free skating rink had been created! Of course the kids LOVED it!

The rest of the time was spent smashing frozen puddles with “ice breaker sticks”. the highlight for all of us however was spotting a kestrel high up in a tree.

1 2

The rest of the day was spent indoors pottering.

Sunday was a pretty quiet day, although we woke to a very slight covering of snow! I expected the kids to be really keen to go out (although there wasn’t enough snow to do anything with!) but, after breakfast when I tried to get everyone ready to go out only Ben did anything. I asked, I counted, I warned that we wouldn’t go, and still Jasmine and Thomas thought they had all the time in the world and continued ignoring me. So we didn’t go anywhere. I must have given them 10 minutes to start getting ready and they did nothing,  Jasmine and Thomas both screamed at me. It was all my fault they hadn’t listened. One day.. one day they’ll figure it out.. maybe?

So we spent the day inside. We watched TV and played games. Once Gordon was out of bed I went for a walk. Five kilometers. It cleared my head beautifully. Later on we tried to get our head round Tinkercad. Jasmine really wants to do some designing on it after seeing the 3D printer at HE group last week, but it’s not really my thing and I struggled almost immediately! I think it is best left to Gordon to help them with it! Jasmine also wrote the journal of the travelling toy.


Today I managed to get up at 6.30am to go for a jog/walk. It felt good to be back at it after a very long break. After breakfast Jasmine did Reading Eggs and then her and Ben had their swimming lesson. We posted off the travelling toy to its next host. This afternoon we did Mystery Science and a bit more on Tinkercad. I’m not sure how much the kids are getting from it yet but they are still keen so maybe they’ll figure it out!



Butterflies at RHS Wisley

Wednesday and Thursday this week were pretty quiet days for us. it was just us on Wednesday morning, which confused the kids no end! They spent all morning asking what time Forest School was, whether it was time to go yet, when they’d see their friends etc! We managed to squeeze some Reading Eggs in for both Jasmine and Thomas in the morning and then after lunch they finally got to see their friends at Forest School!

On Thursday morning we went to the library to swap some books. Jasmine got more art books, Thomas chose science books and Ben got some Dr Seuss books this time. We also picked up another David Walliams audio CD (Billionaire Boy). In the afternoon we went to HE Group, where there was a lady doing a 3D printer workshop as well as the usual free-play. The workshop was really good and the kids enjoyed it (apart from Thomas getting upset about having to move into groups for one activity – but that was quickly sorted out by another lovely mum who chatted to him and brought him back round). The kids all got a 3D printed thing (a robot head I am told!) to take home, they got to watch the printer working and much more. She told us about some software that can be downloaded for free which allows kids to design things – a bit like Minecraft was how she described it. Jasmine, in particular, is very keen to have a go.


And today we have been to RHS Wisley to see the butterflies in the glasshouse. The event doesn’t officially start until tomorrow but the butterflies are released a few days before so we went today to beat the queues! We had a really great day and spent much longer there than I expected. I anticipated seeing the butterflies, having lunch and then coming home as the forecast was for it to be really cold. Well it was cold but the kids didn’t mind and really seemed to need to be outdoors, so after lunch we spent about 30-40 minutes in the play area and then went for a 45 minute walk around the grounds! And they still complained when I said it was time to leave! I have to admit it was nice to be outside and enjoying the lovely weather, even if it was cold and by about 2pm I had lost most of the feeling in my toes! Because of Gordon being on nights this week we’ve taken it really easy and only done our regular activities so it was good to stretch our legs and get some proper exercise.

1 2

Jasmine can swim!

Monday started with Reading Eggs for both Ben and Jasmine. They both completed a lesson and read a book. Jasmine also did some spelling – Reading Eggspress has changed  and we’ve been enjoying checking out all the new features. Next was swimming for Jasmine and Ben, although Thomas had to come along and read a book. After Jasmine’s sudden realisation last week that she could swim, there was no stopping her this week and she swam width after width with confidence! “I just needed to put my face in the water mum” !!

After lunch we did Mystery Science, mysteries 3 and 4 from Animals Through Time. We didn’t do the practical exploration from mystery 3 as we don’t have the space really (it is about stride length verses a dinosaur) but the kids loved the worksheet from mystery 4 all about cross breeding dogs, and they particularly enjoyed coming up with names for the breeds! It really got them thinking about selection.. and today they have been chatting about all the weird animals they are going to breed when Jasmine owns a zoo!

Once Gordon was out of bed (he is working nights so sleeping in the day) and we”d finished the science, the kids all went upstairs to play. They have to stay downstairs a lot when he is asleep and as all the Lego is upstairs they can’t wait for 4pm when they can finally go and play without having to whisper!

Today we did Handwriting first thing. I did it is two “groups” today because I was on my own (Gordon normally tries to help out when he is around). Thomas can be quite disruptive and demanding so I worked with Jasmine and Ben first while Thomas built a Lego model and then read one of his encyclopedias. And then we swapped over and Thomas did his handwriting while Jasmine and Ben played together. It worked really well doing it this was because J&B got to do their work without distraction and Thomas got my sole attention while he was doing his (which is really what he wants and needs).

After handwriting I worked with Jasmine and Thomas on designing a pattern for their Minecraft canvas we are hoping to paint later this week. Thomas is copying a pattern from the book we have so I just drew a grid on a piece of paper the same size as the canvas and he copied the pattern over. if nothing else it is good practice for the real thing. Jasmine, however, wants to do a Ghast so I had to google one and we worked out the grid size and pattern from Google images. When she originally told me about it she said it was all white so I was expecting it to be pretty easy.. turns out she wasn’t quite right! The grid needed to be changed to fit the pattern in and I miscounted twice while copying it to paper! We got there eventually though and my rough copy was used to draw up a neat pattern for her to follow when she paints the canvas. To make it easier to follow I put letters and numbers on the grid and she used coordinates to copy the pattern. Maths and art .. I might start liking Minecraft after all!


This afternoon was Thomas’ swimming lesson. As I had to take Jasmine and Ben I couldn’t stay poolside today and Thomas was sad about this. It affected his mood in the lesson and his teacher couldn’t motivate him at all. Another wasted lesson really.. so disappointing as he did so well last week.

At home the kids played Lego while I made bread and cooked dinner. Jasmine had Brownies this evening. She came out at the end very sad that she hadn’t been picked for a game but Brown Owl said she’d make sure she had a turn next time. She also missed out on getting a drink. It is the same old story really.. she struggles with listening/hearing instructions in a large group. I think it is 50/50 between not being able to pinpoint one person speaking and being very easily distracted and not concentrating on what is going on. She told me in the car on the way home that she was “watching the other children” so hadn’t heard about the drinks. Still, she talked about all the fun she’d had right up until bedtime so the upset didn’t last long and Brownies is still one of her favourite activities :-)