Meal Planning Monday 18th August 2014

Another busy weekend just gone so another hastily written meal plan. I sometimes wish I was a little more organised and thought about meals mid-week rather than late one night over the weekend when I am too tired to be inspired by anything! Saying that I actually did this one on Saturday afternoon so got some input from the kids.. pizza (today in Eastbourne) and gnocchi were their idea!

Here is this weeks plan:

Monday - In Eastbourne (pizza)

Tuesday – Satay, noodles

Wednesday – Gnocchi and cheese sauce, garlic bread

Thursday – Pasta crumble, garlic bread

Friday – Sausage, egg, potato wedges

Saturday – Jacket potatoes, chilli beans, cheese

Sunday – Toad in the hole.


Discovering Morden Park

Last Sunday, once the rain and thunder brought over by Hurricane Bertha had mostly gone, we decided to go for a walk to get some much needed fresh air after being indoors for most of the day. The initial plan was to go to Morden Hall Park NT however as we were driving there I suddenly realised I wasn’t going to right way (don’t ask, I have no idea what I was thinking!) Anyway after a quick rethink we decided not to turn around but to go to Morden Park instead.

Morden Park is on the other side of Morden to the National Trust’s Morden Hall Park and we have only ever been there very briefly. Jasmine and Thomas used to have swimming lessons at the pool by the park and we would occasionally have a five minute walk around after their lesson (at least 3 years ago!)

Once we had arrived and parked up we walked in to the park and were met with the most amazing views. It was beautiful and a much larger area than we had realised.

MP 1 MP 2

The kids soon found a large muddy puddle to play in and I was grateful I had insisted on wellies and waterproofs!

MP 3

They ran, jumped and splashed away until Thomas caught sight of the gym equipment further up the field. Once spotted they were all on the move up to that to investigate and “exercise” apparently!

MP 4Despite most of the equipment being far too big for them, they all had a go on everything and loved it! Eventually though I managed to convince them we should go and explore further and we walked across the field to a tree with a rope swing. Unfortunately the swing turned out to be way to high for any of them to reach but Gordon had a go and the kids went off to investigate somewhere else!

MP 5We carried on further down the field and Thomas found a great tree to climb. Further down still and we found a thicket full of brambles, wild roses, hawthorn and another edible fruit as yet unconfirmed but possibly a type of plum. I can’t wait to go back in a couple of weeks to have a good forage!

MP 6 MP 7Our quick trip to the park for a walk had turned into over an hour by this time and it was time to turn round and go home. As we walked back to the car we watched someone try and fly a kite. It was really too windy and he took off from the ground a few times which amused the kids! They found a balance beam to walk along too before we got back to the car park.

MP 8

I can’t believe we never realised how big a park Morden Park was! Now we’ve been once we’ll definitely be going back to explore some more, and probably fly our kites too.
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Project 365 (2014) Week 33

Week 33#222.. After a wet and windy start to the day it brightened up quite nicely so we decided to take a walk out to grab some fresh air. We were going to go to Morden Hall Park NT but without thinking I drove the wrong way so we ended up changing the plan and going to Morden Park instead. We have never really been to Morden Park before – only briefly a few years ago for a couple of minutes – and we were amazed by how big it is! It is a beautiful open space and we had a great time. The kids found some large puddles to splash around in!

#223.. Today was my mums last day with us and she left to go back home at lunch time. Before she left I got one last job done that required her help and we put the backing paper up on my display board. Our topic for the next few weeks is “Superheroes”.

#224.. I am cheating a bit here and I didn’t actually take this photo, Gordon took it. But as it is the best photo from the day I am using it anyway!

#225.. We had a lovely day at RHS Wisley today with some friends. Just before we left we squeezed in a visit to the playground and Thomas had a go at the monkey bars. He wasn’t quite tall enough to reach without a struggle – he needs another half a centimetre   – but he was so determined he eventually managed it! He was so proud of himself!

#226.. A rather wet afternoon at our Thursday home education group. A bit of rain and thunder never stops my three though and they played outside until they were soaked through! Jasmine did have a coat but chose not to wear it!

#227.. Another trip to the PYO at Garsons Farm as the sweetcorn and apples have recently opened. We had corn on the cob for dinner once we got home – obviously!

#228.. “Can we do some maths mummy?” Well, of course! We sat for at least an hour this afternoon and did some addition games and worksheets.
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Alphabet Photography Project | N is for…


N is forA Nautilus is a cephalopod mollusc with a light external spiral shell and numerous short tentacles around the mouth.

Another favourite topic in our house is the ocean and so we try and visit aquariums two or three times a year. One of Thomas’ favourite ocean animals is the Nautilus and we saw this one when we visited the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay last year.

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Meal Planning Monday 11th August 2014

This weeks meal plan has been very hastily written and isn’t very exciting at all! After a week of Gordon being at home and also having my mum staying I am on my own for five days this week so I am anticipating not having time to, or wanting to cook anything new or anything the kids are going to moan about. So here is this weeks (pretty boring) meal plan..

Monday – Macaroni Cheese

Tuesday – Quorn fillets, chips, veg

Wednesday – Egg, home made potato wedges, beans

Thursday – Lasagne, garlic bread

Friday – Sausage rolls, mash, beans/veg

Saturday – Chilli bean stew, rice

Sunday - Meadow Pie


Project 365 (2014) Week 32

Week 32#215.. A quiet day at home and in the garden. We spotted a rather large frog in the pond for the first time. We’ve had small ones before but this looked fully grown.

#216.. We began our week of sorting/clearing lots of stuff in the house today. In the afternoon we had a short break and nipped into town to buy some storage boxes. The boys always ask to go on this small carousel and as they’d been pretty helpful in the morning we let them have a go today. They do love it!

#217.. A day out at WWT Arundel Wetland Centre today.

#218.. One of those days where a lot of clearing is done and the house almost looks worse afterwards as nothing gets finished! We decided to take the fireguards away and clean the fireplace out. I’ve always been nervous of doing this with my kids who like to fiddle with things but so far they’ve actually been really good and left it all alone.

#219.. We have also been decorating Ben’s bedroom this week and making him a new bed. Everyone wanted to help!

#220.. While Gordon got on with the bed building I took the kids round to a friends for a few hours. Jasmine drew this picture of some bugs in a field with a lovely blue sky and bright sun.

#221.. Ben’s finished bed! Built from an existing bed frame but put on legs to give it height. As he is in the box room we created a play space underneath the bed, with the bookcase I got on freecycle and an ikea toy unit we had spare. Ben loves it and I am really pleased with how it has turned out.
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WWT Arundel Wetland Centre

On Tuesday we drove down to Arundel to visit the WWT Wetland Centre. We are members of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) and visit London Wetland Centre every couple of months but have been keen to explore Arundel for a while after seeing a leaflet about the things to do there.

As is always the way we arrived at lunch time so after a very quick short walk we stopped in the cafe and had lunch. After lunch we decided to start our visit proper with the boat safari, this being the main reason we’d been so keen to travel down. We arrived at the jetty just as one boat was leaving but only had 20 minutes to wait for the next one.

wetlands 1While we were waiting Gordon took the kids to the Icelandic Lake Pen to see the diving ducks be fed so that helped the time pass quicker and we were soon boarding the boat.

The boat safari takes you through the wet meadow and on to the woodland carr and the reed bed. We were really lucky and just a few minutes in to our safari we spotted two water voles, although I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of either of them.

wetlands 2wetlands 3After the boat safari we went to the pond dipping area and the kids had a look in the raised pond. They used some periscopes to look in the water and were quite excited by these!

wetlands 4 wetlands 5We caught lots of midge larvae, freshwater shrimp, a couple of snails and a water boatman.

Next we walked over to the Roundhouse where the kids all got to make a “snappy fish” from a clothes peg, card and glitter. Once they’d finished we had a quick look in the hide and got very excited when we saw a grass snake in the corner! The kids all wanted to stroke it, catch it, touch it but I managed to get them to just watch it as it sniffed around us with its tongue then decided to slither away and hide!

wetlands 6 wetlands 7We ended our visit with a walk along the reed bed boardwalk. While this is just a walk around the reeds it was a lovely way to end our day as it was so peaceful. Surrounded by such beauty and tranquility it is hard not to not enjoy it. We didn’t see much wildlife, probably because the children weren’t really very quiet, but we did see some ducks and other waterfowl, and a stunning Red Admiral butterfly.

wetlands 8 wetlands 9 wetlands 10 wetlands 11

Finally, a trip to Arundel wouldn’t be complete witout at least one photo of the castle!

wetlands 12
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Alphabet Photography Project | M is for …


M is forWe love astronomy in our house. Thomas will tell anyone who will listen that he is a “space scientist” and we have more space and planet books than I could count. And I love photographing the moon… There is so much detail that can be seen through the lens (more so even than through our binoculars!)

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