Alphabet Photography Project | X is for …


X is forIt’s been a hard one this week! X is possibly the hardest letter in the alphabet to find a word for, especially a word that corresponds to a photograph! The internet is full of amazing facts though and I now know several words beginning with X. There were only a couple I could use for this photography project though and Xerothermic had the best photo!

I am going with the most basic meaning of Xerothermic I found .. Dry and Hot. And what dryer or hotter place than a desert right? Gordon took this photo back in 2006 when he travelled for a few months. It is Kings Canyon in central Australia, where temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Celsius in the summer!

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Meal Planning Monday 20th October 2014

Our meals for this week:

Monday - Pasta Crumble

Tuesday - Quorn Korma, Rice, Naan

Wednesday – Eggy bread, quorn sausages, beans

Thursday – Pizza

Friday – Jacket potato, bean stew, cheese

Saturday - Bean stew, wedges

Sunday – Quorn & vegetable pie, veg, gravy


Fresh air and freedom on Headley Heath

It has been a long time since we enjoyed a walk in the countryside.. far to long actually. So today we recified that and went out to Headley to enjoy the fresh air and freedom of the heath.

Headley 1We left it rather late to go out so we only had a couple of hours but we managed to fill the time well. It was so nice to see the kids running round and enjoying the freedom that the open space gives them. After a quick tree climb and a bit of leaf throwing they began following the “dinosaur prints” along the path (dinosaur prints drawn by Jasmine!)

Headley 2We had taken our pump rocket out with us so we were heading for a clear part of the heath to launch that. The kids chatted happily as we walked; Jasmine told us she could see evidence of rabbits and the boys hunted for a rabbit hole they’d found last time we were there (a few months ago!).

Once we reached the clearing Gordon set up the rocket while the kids played on a rotting branch that has been on the path for as long as we can remember. And then it was time to take turns to launch. We all had several go’s with it as it is such fun!

Headley 3After quite a long time launching the rocket (it is great fun!) we packed it away and continued our walk. We walked further down the field towards Aspen Pond. Just before the pond is a group of trees that Thomas normally climbs but today the kids all decided they wanted to do “time trails” instead. This consisted of them running 2 laps of a circuit – from me to a tree and back again – while Gordon timed them. I have no idea where this idea came from but they all enjoyed it!

Headley 4We didn’t stop at Aspen Pond today as we were running short of time and we wanted to get to the dens so the kids could play there for a while. On the way we found a very muddy puddle.. actually more of a bog than a puddle if I am honest! It provided a few seconds of entertainment for the boys!

Headley 5When we reached the den area Jasmine set to work building her own den and the boys helped a little and played a lot. The den building didn’t go very well as the design got a bit complicated when daddy joined in (!) but it was time to go anyway so we have agreed to go back very soon and try again, and stick to building a triangle framed den.

It was really nice to be back enjoying the countryside today and made me realise how much we’d all missed it. We will definitely be making more of an effort to get back out there soon.

Headley 6
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Project 365 (2014) Week 42

Week 42#285.. Making Superhero capes. Back when we started our Heroes project the kids asked if they could make their own superhero capes. I cut the material ages ago and sewed two of them up but only recently got round to sewing the third. Today we got the fabric crayons out and finished the capes off! The kids are thrilled!

#286.. Usual Monday activities today. I did get 90 minutes to myself today though as Gordon stayed at home with Ben while I took Jasmine and Thomas to forest school. I treated myself to lunch and hot chocolate in Pembroke Lodge! Back at home and feeling a little refreshed I cooked meadow pie for dinner.

#287.. We went to the WWF Living Planet Centre today for a “Tropical Chocolate” workshop. We learnt where chocolate comes from and thought about fair trade and package recycling. The kids got to make a crispie cake using cocoa powder, cocoa butter and a syrup that I can’t remember. It was great!

#288.. We had a busy day today. The kids started the day playing superheroes with their new capes, then we did some table time and everyone did some writing and maths. Thomas chose to write an acrostic poem. He did really well! This afternoon we went to a friends house to help with a building project and the kids got to help stuff straw into the walls and use the sander.

#289.. We all went to twins club this morning. The boys played outside and Jasmine did some painting. She painted fallen leaves white and stuck googly eyes on them to make leaf ghosts!

#290.. With the cooler weather often comes more indoor work in our house. All the kids have been asking to use Reading Eggs again recently and I thought I’d give Thomas a go at Reading Eggspress as he has finished all the levels at Reading Eggs and just needs to practice and build up his confidence now. Well, he loved it! So did I to be honest.. it is extremely interactive and I can see him having lots of fun on it. Jasmine loved watching him too and she really wants to move up now so hopefully it will spur her on as well!

#291.. another day of Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress. There was also a lot of train set/Imaginext/Playmobil play today. While the kids were occupied we finally got round to putting Ben’s new dinosaur bedding on his bed. He loves it!
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Alphabet Photography Project | W is for…


W is forWe love going on woodland walks and this was taken at Headley Heath, one of our most favourite places to visit. We can be out walking for anything from an hour to a whole afternoon and the kids will always find lots to explore and discover. It is a great way to relax and I often find that after we’ve been out everyone is much calmer. Nature does that.

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Meal Planning Monday 13th October 2014

A quick one today as I want an early night! Here is our meal plan for this week:

Monday – Meadow Pie

Tuesday – Chinese (home made) take away

Wednesday – Macaroni Cheese, garlic bread

Thursday – Eggy bread, beans, salad

Friday – Chilli Sausage Stew with crispy tortilla topping

Saturday - Fajitas

Sunday – Toad in the Hole


Project 365 (2014) Week 41

Week 41#278.. A quiet day doing nothing much. We nipped to the shops and found loads of Halloween stuff in the £1 shop.

#279.. Forest School and Richmond Park this afternoon. As we arrived home we were greeted with this amazing rainbow.

#280.. In Eastbourne. We went to the RNLI Museum and shop and although it is very small it was very interesting. The kids had a good time and came away with some souvenirs, of course!

#281.. We went to a local museum with our HE group. It was really good and everyone enjoyed it. This photo shows some of the group using the mill stone to grind flour. They did well!

#282.. Being a Lifeguard! One of the things we bought from the RNLI Museum and shop on Tuesday was this dressing up costume. It has been worn every day since!

#283.. Another quiet day. We played a few games, watched a bit of TV. In keeping with the rest of the week the weather was up and down so when the sun came out it was lovely.

#284.. A loom band kind of day. We all sat making new bracelets this afternoon. I showed the kids a new design I found on the internet that I thought they’d be able to do. Jasmine chose colours I wasn’t sure about but they worked really well together. I finally made the pink and yellow starburst bracelet I’ve been promising her for a few days.

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Legoland Fun 2014

Last Friday we went to Legoland Windsor for the day. This was our second trip to Legoland, the first being two years ago, so we had an idea of what we wanted to do and the kids were extremely excited!

Once in the park we thought we’d walk right to the other end while we had the energy, and then work backwards so that by the end of the day when we were tired we would already be by the exit. Well of course this lasted for about five minutes and we were distracted by pretty much the first thing we saw.. the Star Wars Miniland Model Display! Last time we came the kids were all scared of this display and they knew nothing about Star Wars… move on two years and they loved it! The boys faces as we walked round showed such joy as they recognised scenes, identified planets and saw favourite characters! Jasmine was a bit nervous at first but she enjoyed it and loved seeing the large scale figures at the end.

LL 1After the Star Wars display we headed off down the hill and again on the spur of the moment, and using everyones good mood to our advantage, we decided to go on Viking River Splash (the rapids!) The kids would never have agreed to go on if they’d seen the ride beforehand but somehow we got them on and I think everyone enjoyed it. Well, Gordon and Ben definitely did, I would probably go on again now I know what it is like but I wasn’t sure at the time, and if you ask Jasmine and Thomas they’ll say they hated it but I don’t believe them as they seemed to be enjoying it at the time!

Once off the rapids and a little drier (who knew.. family driers that blow warm air out at you!) we decided to walk over to Atlantis. On the way we noticed people starting to sit and wait for the Pirates of Skeleton Bay live action show so we decided to watch that while eating our lunch. The show was just as good as I remember from last time and the kids loved it.

LL 2Once the show was over and we’d all eaten some lunch we headed over to Atlantis. This is still my favourite ride at Legoland!

LL 4

Next up was the DIno Safari. Last time we were really lucky on this ride and a member of staff rode with Thomas meaning we could all go on together, but this time we weren’t so lucky. With no spare member of staff Gordon took the boys on one at a time while I waited with the other two kids at the start (it is two people per car and kids under 1.3m have to be accompanied by an adult – all ours are under 1.3m so none of them can go by themselves). Jasmine didn’t want a go on this ride despite enjoying it last time and although I did try and persuade her it did make things easier as it meant Gordon only had to go round twice and not three times!

Next up for us was the cars. Jasmine and Thomas are now old enough to ride the bigger cars so we split up to save time and I took them over to the Driving School while Gordon took Ben to L-Drivers. All three kids have ridden electric cars several times before so they all knew what they were doing and thoroughly enjoyed this. It was Jasmine’s favourite part of the day!

LL 3After the cars we stuck to the traffic theme and went on the Orient Expedition and tried our hand at the Boating School. Both these rides were enjoyed by everyone, even though we got wet again on the Orient Expedition!

The last attraction of the day was the Fire Acadamy. The boys were really keen to go on this so they went and joined thre queue with Gordon. Jasmine did initially want to go as well but when we got there she changed her mind so we sat and watched. The queue for this ride was the longest of the day and it seemed to take ages before we saw the boys on their fire engine. They did enjoy it though, although Thomas did come off and ask if that was really the whole thing!

LL 5By the time they’d finished at the Fire Acadamy it was time to go to Miniland to look at the models. We’d set a time limit on the day so we had time to spend in the BIG Shop at the end. We knew we’d need at least half an hour in the shop choosing Lego! But we also wanted to see the models in Miniland as we all enjoyed it last time.

LL 6 LL 7We had such a fun day at Legoland! I was both amazed and impressed with how much we managed to fit in even though there were some things we didn’t have time for.. I guess they’ll be first on the list next time we go (probably in another two years)!
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