Welcome to 2017 & #100DaysofHomeEd

I’ve been wondering for a while now how to get back in to blogging. I told myself I’d do it in January .. well obviously that didn’t happen! And now its February. February! I was starting to think I’d never manage to reach the end of the day (or even the middle of the day!) and feel inspired enough to write again. But then something happened in the HE world last week – I’m not going to rattle on about it and I’m not going to point it out if you’ve missed it – that has meant I want to blog again. I want to join in with #100daysofhomeed and #100waystohomeed and I want to help show that there is no right or wrong way to home educate your children.. there is simply the way that works for your family in the here and now and that could (and probably will) change over time.

So I am going to (try to!) blog, maybe not daily, but at least a few times a week with a round up of our home education life. It won’t all be exciting, it will probably feature quite a lot of Pokemon and there may well be days when I’d much rather spend half an hour watching television and so just about manage a sentence and a couple of photos! But it will go some way to show that there are many different ways to learn, learning does not have to happen in a classroom, at a table or from a book, and if its good for nothing else, Pokemon Go is an awesome way to teach the 3 and 4 times tables to children (you’ll probably have to play the game to understand that!)

And so on to today. The start of our week is much quieter than the end.. Monday and Tuesday are relaxed and we only have our Recorder lesson on a Monday morning and Brownies for Jasmine on a Tuesday evening. Other than that we fill our time differently each week. This week I had planned to go to our Recorder lesson via a local NT park and enjoy the 15 minute walk through the grounds from the car park to our friends house on the other side, but Thomas didn’t get dressed in time and then I couldn’t find my car keys so we left the house with just enough time to park outside her house instead. After the lesson we came straight home and the kids went upstairs to play. Mid-morning Ben’s birthday present from my mum arrived from Amazon so he got straight on building that (it was a Lego Nexo Knights model) with a little help from Thomas, while Jasmine did some colouring.

After lunch we went for a Pokemon Go walk around town. We are big gym battlers and today we managed 5km and 5 gyms. Once we’d done the 5th we had just over a minute until we could collect our coins and the kids phone battery was down to just 6%. We spent an agonising 1m16s counting down the seconds while hoping the battery lasted! Thankfully it did!

Along the way on our walk the boys had started talking about Runes and that led to talking about hieroglyphics, which then led on to the history of writing, how long ago Ancient Egypt was, Romans and how long ago that was, reading and writing historically being a privilege of the rich and the Church, why reading and writing is so important and how reading and writing can teach us things! So much covered from one starting point!

Back at home again Thomas played Pokemon TCG online, and Ben and Jasmine did some drawing and colouring while I made bread and sorted laundry. The kids then all moved on to some imaginative play while I made soup, then after dinner we watched Horrible Histories, I read some Harry Potter (Book 6) out loud and then Thomas and Jasmine did half an hour of reading themselves before bed.


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