I am Jo, mum to twins, Jasmine and Thomas, and Ben, the youngest. I am married to Gordon and we live in Surrey with our 2 rabbits and various other animals the kids have decided they want as pets (woodlice, moths, ants, caterpillars, tadpoles etc…!)

We are a home educating family. I knew even before I had children that I wanted to educate otherwise and so the kids have never been to school. Jasmine and Thomas did attend a pre school for two years, however Ben does not and will not.

I started the blog in November 2012 as a record of our lives and the kids learning. At the start there was a lot of craft, hence the name! These days though I write about everything; where we’ve been, what we’ve done. Oh, and I take a lot of photographs!

I hope you enjoying reading!

If you would like to contact me, I can be found in all the usual places including on Facebook, on Twitter or at jo@3kidsandagluestick.co.uk


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