Lego, Pokemon and a Party

Firstly, my most exciting news is that my laptop is fixed 🙂

I’d love to say my lack of laptop was the main reason I haven’t blogged all weekend but while that definitely had something to do with it, mostly I’ve just been too tired in the evening and not wanted to sit at an old computer trying to make sense!

So, a quick catch up is in order.

Saturday saw us enjoying mostly a quiet day playing Lego, Pokemon Go and then late afternoon we went to Messy Church – arts and crafts at a friends Church. On Sunday we met up with some friends for a Pokemon Go walk at Crystal Palace Park. I’ve wanted to go there for ages.. we drive past it every so often on our way to and from other places but haven’t ever got round to going. Until now anyway! Its a really nice park, loads to see and do. It kept the five children occupied for about two hours despite the cold! And there were plenty of Pokemon to catch too 🙂 Highlights of the walk were the old Palace, the dinosaurs and the maze. Some of us even managed to complete the maze without cheating! We’ll definitely be going back.

Yesterday was all about Ben’s party. These days I try not to say the word “party” as it sets the kids off hyper, so we just have friends round for making pizza and watching a film. It suits us and the kids enjoy it.. although they still get hyper! So anyway, yesterday morning was the Big Pre-Party Tidy! Gordon and I spent the morning cleaning, tidying, hoovering, icing the birthday cake (at least I’d made that over the weekend!), turning the breadmaker on and off to make 3 lots of dough, stretching and cooking 15 pizza bases (!), and generally doing all the stuff that needs doing when you’ve got 8 children coming round for a party! The kids, despite our best efforts to get them to help, stayed out of the way and played Lego all morning! We were still at it after lunch, and the kids returned to their Lego.. we finished just as the first guests arrived!

The afternoon was taken over with a house full of 11 children, 1 toddler and 3 adults.. 14 pizzas made, cooked and eaten, a Pokemon film and lots of episodes watched, and generally fun had by all 🙂 Thomas had one moment towards the end where it all got too much for him but he got through it and was soon back playing with everyone.

Once everyone had left Ben built his new Lego models and we all did some quiet reading to calm down before bed.

Today has been a much needed quiet day. We went into Sutton this morning for a bit of shopping and Pokemon Go but the rest of the day has been spent in the house just relaxing. I made heart shaped cheese scones as a Valentines Day lunch, which everyone enjoyed 🙂 The kids have all played more Lego, Jasmine and I have done some colouring, Thomas and I played some Pokemon TCG online, I made dahl, chick pea curry and coconut rice for dinner (which didn’t go down very well.. Gordon and I enjoyed the curry but the rice was slightly weird!), we read Harry Potter aloud before bed.


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