Sunday Snippets 25th May 2014

{Visiting} WWT London Wetland Centre. I usually avoid school holiday activities but the ones at the Wetland Centre this week are really too good to miss so I plan on going a few times. Today was all about bugs.

{Excited} to spot a Common Lizard as we were walking back to the cafe for lunch.

{Amazed} at how much the place has changed in just a few weeks. Flowers and meadows in bloom, dragonflies and damselflies a plenty, cute baby birds, butterflies. The whole place is alive with beautiful nature.

{Hunting} for bugs in the meadow and log pile. The kids were quite disappointed by the find in the meadow as we’d been told we’d see crickets and grasshoppers and we didn’t. The log pile didn’t disappoint though as we saw bugs and beetles galore, including a Stag Beetle and the biggest slow-worm we’ve ever seen!

{Feeling} tired!

Snippets 25th May{Snapshots} Both Jasmine and Thomas learnt to ride their bikes without stabilisers this week. While we were out practising Ben also started lifting his legs up on his balance bike as he was going down the hill.

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