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Half Term days

For the first time ever I am blogging from my phone, while waiting for the kids to have their fill of Pokemon TCG at the local library club! The club is on every Thursday evening but because of Beavers and Cubs we normally can’t go. This week is half term so no Beavers or Cubs .. it’s Pokemon instead!

It’s been another reasonably quiet two days. Yesterday we saw a friend and her son L. He goes to school so we only see them in school holidays but the kids love getting together. It’s an old neighbour of ours and we’ve known them since Thomas and Jasmine were just months old, so the kids have grown up together. While us mums chatted the kids played mostly Lego Ninjago and running around the house!  Jasmine and Ben also did some Crayola Colour Explosion colouring. Ben got a book for his birthday and they’ve both been loving watching the  patterns appear.

Our friends stayed for lunch and L told us there was a new Dragons series on CBBC, so I set that to download and record ready to watch later.

After lunch, once our friends had gone home, we went for a Pokemon walk. It was the last day of the Valentines event so we were keen to get some distance on our buddy and make the most of the double candy while we could. We also took 3 gyms and caught a wild Muk!

Later in the day we watched 2 new episodes of Dragons Race to the Edge, I read Harry Potter aloud, quiet reading for Thomas and Jasmine and bed.

Today we had a very slow morning. The kids played Lego for a while and about mid morning Jasmine asked if she could do a Pokemon TCG battle online. She is nervous about doing it by herself as she is always so worried she’ll lose, but I was free so I sat with her and she managed to win the first battle, meaning she had enough coins to buy a new deck, and she then won 2 more battles to finish her daily challenge (that she’s had for over a month now!)

This afternoon we went to our HE group and the kids played outside for the whole time. It was quite quiet at group today so there was a really nice calm feel to the group… not that it is normally not but it was just so quiet today that it was more noticeable!

And this evening is where we are now .. at the library playing Pokemon TCG. I’m not sure it is quite what Jasmine and Ben expected … Jasmine did ask at one point if it was JUST Pokemon! But they’ve all enjoyed a few games so I think it could become a frequent holiday event for us.