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It’s still Pokemon

It’s still all Pokemon here. Although we have managed to fit in a few other things over the last couple of days!

Sunday was Pokemon, in Sutton in the morning for some shopping and pokegyms/pokestop spinning and then in the afternoon we went for a walk around Nonsuch Park to see what Pokemon we could find. It has been good for Pokemon in the past but not so much at the moment. We did catch 2 or 3 new Gen 2 ‘mons each but it was mostly boring basic Gen 1 stuff. We had a really nice walk round though.. we went to the woody side and the kids had a great time running and jumping though mud and over logs. They really are happier when out and about in woodland 🙂

On Monday we had an early start for the Recorder lesson. Unlike last time when the kids didn’t get ready in time to park at Morden Hall Park and walk over, this week we managed it and had a lovely walk through the park. The weather has been so nice over the last few days its great to not need a big thick winter coat suddenly. We caught some Pokemon (I got the Wobbaffet that ran from me on Saturday) and took in the sights and sounds of the lovely morning.

The Recorder lesson went well and the kids are really playing well. After the lesson we stayed and chatted/played for a while, then walked back through Morden Hall Park, collecting more Pokemon and battling gyms, towards Morden and a trip to Lidl for treats before heading home.

In the afternoon Ben did a Reading Eggs lesson and then we went for a quick walk through Sutton High Street to spin pokestops again!

Today has included a library trip and more Pokemon at Morden Hall Park. We went to the library this morning to return old books and get new ones. Jasmine also did some research on Egypt for a Brownie Thinking Day task and she typed up a few bullet points on the computer while we were there. We emailed it to me to print at home. There was Pokemon on the way there and back!

This afternoon we met friends at Morden Hall Park for Pokemon and running/playing/general getting muddy play!

And this evening Jasmine had Brownies, where she read out her facts on Egypt. She was very happy with herself 🙂


Waves of Learning

Day 2 of the #100daysofhomeed challenge, and day 2 of me blogging again 🙂 I actually started writing this blog five hours ago but didn’t finish in time and then got caught up in dinner, chores, Brownies drop of and collection and general evening shenanigans! But the kids are in bed, lights off now so I can finally sit down and write.

This morning started with me filling in our weekly planner and then Thomas helping me get today’s dinner in the slow cooker. The kids have chores to do every day – I put out a selection and they choose what they want to do – and Thomas really loves helping me with meals. Tonight was Bean Stew so he peeled the carrots, opened all the tins and drained the beans and then added them to the slow cooker and got the spices out of the cupboard. He never wants to add the spices in case he adds too much!!

Once we’d done that Ben completed a lesson on Reading Eggs while I tried to get logged in to Khan Academy on the new PC. I totally failed as I couldn’t remember any passwords or figure out how to reset them, so Thomas had to wait for Ben to finish and then he did Khan Academy on my laptop where the passwords are saved. We haven’t used Khan Academy for months… it goes in waves like that in our house .. we’ll use something every day for a while and the nothing for months. But that definitely doesn’t mean the kids aren’t learning. In fact today Thomas was doing the section on multiplication in 10s, 100s, 1000s etc and was flying through. Most of the questions had been multiples of 2, 3, 4 and 5 and he knows those times tables. He came to the question “90×90=?”. We have talked about the 9 times table and I have shown them how to do it using fingers, but they’ve had no “formal” teaching/learning. We do also have a times table poster up in the house. So, back to the 90×90 question.. before I’d even had time to suggest I help him he said “Oh that’s easy, its 8,100”. I was gobsmacked!!!

EDIT: Since I wrote this i have discovered that it *may* in fact have been a total fluke as, while chatting to Granny (who is staying with us for a couple of days) when I mentioned 9×9 being 81 Thomas interrupted and said No, 9 add 9 is 18! So it is entirely plausible that he got the sum wrong, mixed the number order up and therefore fluked the answer!!! Either way, he got the right answer and I am still impressed 😉

So, back to today, after Thomas had done 20 minutes on Khan Academy Jasmine also wanted a go so she was next. She worked on strategies for addition and subtraction and understood it really quickly. She also did a few larger addition sums (100s without carrying) and then because I needed to make lunch and she won’t do it without me, she turned Khan Academy off and asked me to write some sums for her on paper! And she worked through them all really happily and confidently 🙂

After lunch we went to Morden Hall Park to meet up with friends, Pokemon and play. We had a lovely walk round before our friends arrived, listening and identifying bird song, trying to spot the Heron nests and of course, catching Pokemon. When our friends got there we met them in the playground and once everyone had had several turns on the zip wire we walked along the new boardwalk.

Back at home and it was general play, dinner, Brownies for Jasmine, Pokemon TCG online for Thomas, drawing for Ben, TV, Harry Potter aloud, quiet reading for J&T and bed.


30 Days Wild 2016 – Day 4

Day 4 of our #30DaysWIld challenge saw us heading over to Morden Hall Park to join in with the Bioblitz that was being conducted today. Ever since we went to our first Bioblitz a few years ago we’ve joined as many as we can each year and we’ve had a great time at each one. Today’s was no exception! It was none-stop for the full 5 hours we were there as we took part in river dipping and the bird walk, and joined the invertebrate guys as they did a pretty thorough survey of the smaller creatures that live in the park.

I’d love to be able to tell you the names of all the animals we found today but, well, firstly I’ll never remember them all and secondly most of them only had scientific names so I’d have absolutely no hope with them anyway! We were very lucky to be working alongside some of the best invertebrate people in the country and I am always so grateful that they give the kids the opportunities to join in and never bat an eyelid when they pick the creatures up (in fact they were positively encouraging them to do so!) The knowledge these guys have is incredible and we definitely learned loads. Jasmine also discovered how essential a pooter is when collecting animals and now “has” to have one!

So, to name some of the animals we found today..

Male and Female Banded Demoiselle, Blue-tailed Damselfly, flea beetle, pollen beetles, crab spider, wolf spider, jumping spider, Orb spiders, 7-Spot Ladybird, 14-Spot Ladybird, Harlequin Ladybird, flower beetles, earwigs, sawfly larvae, mayfly, lacewing, springtails, woodlouse, Heron, Cormorant, Canada Geese, Egyptian Geese, Jay, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Wren, Ring-Necked Parakeet, Jackdaw, Chiffchaff, Little Grebe, Tufted Ducks, Blackbird, Robin, Common Newt, Southern Hawker Dragonfly Nymph, grasshoppers, crickets, ants, Cardinal Beetle, Soldier Beetle, Cockchafer, water louse, freshwater shrimp, bloodworms, leech, stickleback, shield bug, Red Admiral, Brimstone.
zyxwvAnd in addition to all the animal counting we did today, we also took a moment to stand next to the poster for the event because it featured Gordon, Jasmine and Thomas at the last one!


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_04



Finishing April, starting May

May? Is anyone else wondering where January, February, March and April have gone?! I really can’t believe it is May already!

Back to last week though, when it was still April. On Thursday we started the day with some maths.. individual table time still works better so I did one after the other. Thomas wasn’t keen at first so he just worked through the Star Wars workbook. Its pretty easy for him but he enjoys it and the pages he did revised the 3 and 4 times table, and counting in 50s and 100s. Jasmine is keen on measuring at the moment so I found some worksheets for her. We also did the 3 times table and I think she has finally cracked it 🙂 Ben also did his Star Wars workbook, pages on place value and more than/less than.

In the afternoon we went to HE Group. Jasmine did French but Thomas was being very disruptive so I had to take him out. I think it is because we haven’t done the work at home recently so he is going into the class unprepared. I need to fix that because when we put the work in he does enjoy it. Hopefully I haven’t left it too late to turn it around.

The science activity was ink printing, which Ben and Jasmine enjoyed. Other than that, the kids played with their friends.

z 1

Thomas had Cubs in the evening. I am still staying with him but this week he joined in every activity, even the games! He did really well 🙂 And he is, finally, getting Invested next week! The leaders all told me how pleased they are that he is finally joining it. I know it will take a while still but he is enjoying it and, really, that is all that matters!

On Friday morning we went to the library to change books over, then over to the new larger toy shop in Sutton to feel Lego Minifigure bags for the figures the kids wanted! After lunch Thomas had his swimming lesson. He did great for the first 10 minutes but then a small group of school children came into his lane, which seemed to throw him a bit. He spent the next 10 minutes refusing to do anything his teacher asked him. Finally his teacher (who is great!) got him back and the final 10 minutes were pretty good again, although were mostly on Thomas’ terms. We’ve agreed that next week they’ll work on a “one for Thomas, one for James” (teacher) philosophy to try and get Thomas to do some swimming on his front as well as his back (which he prefers)

Yesterday we went to the Morden Hall Park May Fair. Its a tradition for us as we’ve been for the last four years I think! We did all the usual things but this year Jasmine and Thomas got to go on the petrol Quad bikes rather than the electric jeeps – they were so happy! And we all had a go at some target shooting at the Reach the Core stand with a longbow, crossbow and a ballister.

z 2 z 3 z 4Today has been a quieter day spent mostly at home. We did nip out into town for a bit of shopping after lunch but other than that it has been a Lego and garden kind of day. Gordon cut the grass for the first time this year. I did my first workout of Couch25k week 8.. 28 minutes of running. How can just 3 minutes extra seem so much harder?!

Bank Holiday tomorrow and we have no plans. I’m thinking bluebells .. maybe? I’ll let you know what we decided in a day or two!

Our Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!

We’ve had a great long Easter weekend and have filled our time with baking and three National Trust Easter Egg Trails.

On Friday we started with one of the best Easter activities we know .. making chocolate nest cakes!


In the afternoon we went to Morden Hall Park to take part in the National Trust/Cadbury’s Easter Egg Trail. We love doing these trails and have done at least two a year for the last few years! We haven’t done the Morden Hall one for a few years however, so it was a nice change to our routine.

We took the bus to Morden as I knew the car park would be busy, and it was definitely the right decision! The park was packed.. full of people doing the trail as well as the normal weekend visitors. Once we’d got our sheet (there was quite a queue!) we set off following the map and answering the questions. We did miss the first board though, so had to go back to it at the end! My excuse was that we didn’t know what we were looking for at first!!

mOnce we’d completed all the questions we went to get our prizes. And while the kids were eating them (chocolate bunnies) I thought we’d go for a quick walk round the wetland area of the park. As a lot of Morden Hall, and all of the egg trail, is on paths we were all wearing trainers rather than wellies. The paths around the trail has been mostly dry so it didn’t occur to me that other areas of the park might not be… well, how wrong I was! As we walked along the path through the wetland area there were a few puddles, then a few more. It got boggier and boggier and by the end of the path (it isn’t very long) it was flooded! Someone had kindly laid logs along part of it but they were almost in the blackthorn bushes so not easy to walk along! We did it though and managed not to get too wet!

nOn Saturday morning we went to Claremont Landscape Gardens, another National Trust property hosting an Easter Egg Trail. This is another one we’ve not done for a couple of years. The weather forecast wasn’t great but we put our wet weather gear on and weren’t going to be beaten by a bit of rain! As it was, it was very grey but only drizzled a little bit while we were there so we got lucky!

It took us about an hour to complete the trail because, unlike the one at Morden Hall the previous day, there was no map to help you find the boards so we walked round the entire grounds looking for them! It was a good walk round but I think the event would have been slightly better if there had been signs pointing the way to go!


Once we’d found the boards and completed the sheet we went to collect the prize – another chocolate bunny each – and went to the adventure playground to eat and play. We didn’t stop for long because it was lunch time and I was getting hungry. I did ask the kids if they could spare me any chocolate but only Thomas gave me some, and he only gave me a piece about half a centimetre square!

In the afternoon the boys helped me make some Hot Cross Buns. I was hoping we could have them as a late afternoon snack, but I hadn’t read the recipe properly and they needed leaving three times to rise! I’m not sure why as, having followed it and done as asked, they are quite stodgy. So next time I won’t be leaving them as long! Anyway, the boys did well with the baking and enjoyed weighing and mixing. They helped put the cross on at the end of the day once the buns had finally done all their rising.

We made our own muffin pizza’s for dinner and once the kids were in bed I got all the Easter eggs and gifts ready for the morning.

pSunday was a quiet day spent at home. The kids loved all the Easter eggs they found when they woke up, but were especially excited by the Minecraft activity books I’d picked up for them, and the Wild Pets Spider and Habitat I managed to order last minute on Amazon Prime Now without them knowing on Saturday! They spent most of the day playing with the spider, doing the activity books and building Lego.

And then finally today we went to Polesden Lacey for a final National Trust Easter Egg Trail. We were wondering whether to fit two in today (one on the morning and one in the afternoon) but Storm Katie answered that question for us by blowing trees down and forcing the cancellation of several events locally.

So this morning we stayed indoors and watched the storm .. we lost three fence panels in the garden but think we got off lightly compared to some others in the South East.

And on the way to Polesden Lacey after lunch we had to take a detour as our chosen route was blocked by a fallen tree, and we then had to drive carefully around three other trees on the roads around Headley Court. But we got there in the end and had a good time completing the trail.

Even through the worst of the storn had passed us, we saw all sorts of weather as we walked round. It was sunny one minute and hailing the next! We got rained on, and the wind changed all the time! It made for an interesting walk, but of course the kids loved the hail the most!

Once we’d found all the clues this time we went to the adventure playground for a short time (until the hail got too much and the adults were freezing!)


Icy puddles!

When we got back from Wisley on Friday I had a parcel waiting for me. Gordon didn’t tell me until after the kids had gone to bed though so I opened it and realised it was the travelling toy we are hosting as part of a Home Ed project. When the kids saw it on Saturday morning they were very excited and we had to decide where to go to “show” the toy a local place of interest. We hosted this same toy last time it was “travelling” so couldn’t take it to my fail-safe place to go with the kids by myself (WWT London)! So we decided to go to Morden Hall Park as it is quite close by, an easy trip and very pretty.

It was a really cold day so we had to wrap up warm – never easy trying to get 3 kids in full warm wet weather gear and I usually end up flustered (as proved on this occasion….)  We drove over to Morden Hall Park and as I parked the car I realised I’d forgotten to put the kids coats in the car! They had wellies, fleeces, waterproof dungarees, hats, scarves, gloves.. but I didn’t want them to overheat in the car so I was meant to put coats in the boot. Oops! Luckily it is only a ten minute drive so we turned round, drove home, collected coats and drove there again!

We enjoyed a lovely walk round the park. The kids were keen to go in the play area and when we got there we discovered the wet ground totally frozen and basically a free skating rink had been created! Of course the kids LOVED it!

The rest of the time was spent smashing frozen puddles with “ice breaker sticks”. the highlight for all of us however was spotting a kestrel high up in a tree.

1 2

The rest of the day was spent indoors pottering.

Sunday was a pretty quiet day, although we woke to a very slight covering of snow! I expected the kids to be really keen to go out (although there wasn’t enough snow to do anything with!) but, after breakfast when I tried to get everyone ready to go out only Ben did anything. I asked, I counted, I warned that we wouldn’t go, and still Jasmine and Thomas thought they had all the time in the world and continued ignoring me. So we didn’t go anywhere. I must have given them 10 minutes to start getting ready and they did nothing,  Jasmine and Thomas both screamed at me. It was all my fault they hadn’t listened. One day.. one day they’ll figure it out.. maybe?

So we spent the day inside. We watched TV and played games. Once Gordon was out of bed I went for a walk. Five kilometers. It cleared my head beautifully. Later on we tried to get our head round Tinkercad. Jasmine really wants to do some designing on it after seeing the 3D printer at HE group last week, but it’s not really my thing and I struggled almost immediately! I think it is best left to Gordon to help them with it! Jasmine also wrote the journal of the travelling toy.


Today I managed to get up at 6.30am to go for a jog/walk. It felt good to be back at it after a very long break. After breakfast Jasmine did Reading Eggs and then her and Ben had their swimming lesson. We posted off the travelling toy to its next host. This afternoon we did Mystery Science and a bit more on Tinkercad. I’m not sure how much the kids are getting from it yet but they are still keen so maybe they’ll figure it out!



Topic work and fresh air

Yesterday was another much needed quiet day at home. The kids played Lego in the morning and played in the garden for a lot of the afternoon. I managed to tidy the house downstairs and changed our display board finally for our new topic.. Life cycles, to tie in with our caterpillars. I knew it was time to get it done because our first caterpillar made the change to a pupa yesterday!

The boys started their project books by making a butterfly life cycle spin wheel and Jasmine did a lesson on Reading Eggs (first time any of them have asked to go on it in ages!)

Today has been a bit busier but not much. We had another late start to the day and my goal of going to Morden Hall Park before lunch failed! The kids didn’t even get dressed until just before midday as they were busy playing upstairs! Once dressed however they came down and saw me making their folders up for their topic work, so they were all keen to sit at the table and do some more work 🙂 We made frog life cycle spin wheels and read one of the library books all about frogs. They then spotted a symmetry worksheet I had printed from Twinkl and all wanted to do that. They did a great job of drawing the second half of the butterfly picture and Jasmine and Thomas coloured theirs in symmetrically as well, however in the thirty seconds I took  my eyes off Ben he coloured in the top wings different colours! I explained symmetry to him again but he said it wasn’t fair because he wanted them different colours! Can’t argue with that really can I! So we agreed that he could keep today’s picture in his drawer but he’d do another for his topic folder!

This afternoon we finally got out to Morden Hall Park. We took scooters and the kids scooted from the park to Deen City Farm (less then a mile walk). The plan was to buy an ice cream at the farm, look at some of the animals and then scoot back, but they hardly had any ice creams left by the time we got there so we just spent a few minutes looking at the animals and the scooted back to Morden Hall Park and got an ice cream there instead.

DCFBack at home afterwards and we discivered we now have 7 caterpillars in cocoons 🙂

Thomas did a lesson on Reading Eggspress and Jasmine read half of a Dr Seuss book from the library – which reminds me I must write it on her Summer Reading Challenge record sheet.

Being Outdoors

We have spent a lot of time outside this week. One of the consequences of this is that I have been too tired in the evening to blog so I thought I would do a round-up post of all the fun we have had.

On Monday while Jasmine and Thomas were at Forest School, Gordon, Ben and I went to Richmond Park. We decided to go to Pen Ponds, as I thought we might see some water birds nesting or even with young. It was a beautiful sunny day and we didn’t have to go far before we saw ducklings!

Richmond ParkWe only had an hour to explore so we walked a little way around the pond and although we didn’t see any more ducklings, the views are wonderful so we enjoyed the walk. On the way back to the car, Ben kept himself occupied jumping in puddles and running through mud!

Richmond Park 2

On Tuesday we went to WWT London. After going several times in the space of a couple of weeks after we first got membership, we haven’t been for a few weeks now so we were keen to see what changes we could spot in the flora and fauna. We started off on the South Route, stopping at the pond dipping area to look at the underwater camera and then walked around the lagoon to the Peacock Tower where we stopped and did some bird watching. The kids had been a little tetchy at times during the morning so I wasn’t sure we’d manage to stay in the hide for long but once we were in there, they were really keen and we managed to see a good selection of birds, two highland cows (kept to help maintain the grass areas!) and see out a rain shower!

Wetlands 1On the walk back to the entrance we saw two herons fly overhead and land in a pond right next to us! It was amazing to see!

After a stop for ice cream we just had time to walk along the West Route to the Wildside, to see if we could spot any nesting birds or Spring insects. We weren’t disappointed with the birds and we saw a Canada Goose, Coot and Swan all on a nest, but we didn’t manage to spot any dragonflies as we’d hoped.

Wetlands 2As we left the Wildside we walked past the otter enclosure on the way out, and we were really lucky that the otters were out! Obviously we had to stop and watch them for a few minutes before heading home.

Wetlands 3

On Wednesday we did our Spring Nature walk, which you can read all about here. The kids took their cameras out to the local ecology centre to photograph signs of Spring. Of course, looking for these signs meant hunting for toads and newts and peering into the pond!

Ecology CentreThursday and Friday we spent at home and in the garden. Our Insectlore butterflies began emerging from their chrysalides and we were thrilled to be in the right place at the right time for the second and watched it enter the world!

ButterfliesAnd then finally today we went to the May Fair at Morden Hall Park. We have been to the fair for the last two years so the kids know what they want to do before we have even get there! The highlight of previous fairs for them was the Bumper Boats – think little powered boats in a big paddling pool, each with a squirter so they can soak each other! They have been talking about these boats all week, but when we got there today there were no Bumper Boats to be found! Luckily, the disappointment was short lived and they soon found other activities to keep themselves occupied.

They rode mini jeeps, stroked a ferret, watched the entertainer, saw birds of prey, went on the trampoline, held rabbits and guinea pigs, won toys, dug for a badge at the National Trust stand and ate some delicious fudge. What a great day!

Fair 1 Fair 2 Fair 3
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A Spring Walk

We have made it to Friday and that means Gordon only has two more nights to work! More importantly though, it means I only have two more days to occupy the kids either quietly indoors or by taking them out. Luckily the weather has been lovely this week and we have managed to get outdoors every day. Today we went to Morden Hall Park, our nearest National Trust property, and walked along the river to Deen City Farm.

Having seen photographs of Morden Hall Park flooded over the last month I was expecting the ground to still be very wet so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was mostly pretty dry. There were a few muddy puddles, but it wasn’t the “squelchy” mud that the kids find so fascinating!

We set off through the park and hadn’t gone very far when I spotted a large bird in the river. Initially I thought it was a heron so I stopped and showed the kids, but when I got the camera out to take a photograph it didn’t look like a heron at all as it was all white. I wanted to get a closer look so we walked round a little further and into a clump of trees. I didn’t really manage to get a closer look as it flew away (of course it would!) but as the kids played on a fallen tree I had a look at the photos I had managed to get and worked out that it was a Little Egret! I was very excited.. the kids not so much though, so we soon moved on to continue our walk!

MHP1They studied spider webs on the bridges and talked about how many flies had been captured, they collected sticks and made ant traps in the mud as we walked – I have no idea what an ant trap is! They found a hole in the path and dug around in it for a while. They generally had a great time, just walking and enjoying the freedom and fresh air.

When we got to the farm we had a look round the animals and watched some other children feeding the sheep and goats. My three have never been keen on feeding animals out of their hands so I never buy the food, but they enjoyed watching others have a go and Jasmine was even brave enough to stroke a sheep today!

MHP2Once we had seen all the animals I bought us all an ice lolly to eat on the walk back to Morden Hall. We had a leisurely walk back along the path eating out lollies, listening to and trying to identify as many birds as we could from their song and then we spotted a butterfly! We haven’t seen many butterflies yet so this was very exciting. It was a beautiful Comma butterfly.

We ended our walk with a game of Pooh Sticks off the bridge.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Geocaching at Morden Hall Park

After our successful first go at geacaching a few weeks ago we have been keen to try again and on Saturday we decided to bite the bullet and looked on the website for a good local park with a few caches to find. We finally decided on Morden Hall Park as there were a couple of “beginner” caches and we already know the park quite well. I downloaded the Geocaching App to my phone and off we went.

As soon as we got to the park we looked up the coordinates to the nearest cache and set off looking for it. The App is brilliant, giving you the coordinates, a map or a compass to follow, description, a hint and logs and photos from others who have looked for it. The kids really enjoyed following the arrow on the compass and Gordon and I liked the description, hint and logs as they really helped us find the very well hidden caches!

Geocaching 1Unfortunately for us, the first cache we went looking for was nowhere to be found. We searched and searched, but after checking the previous logs (this was where we learnt the valuable lesson to check them before setting off!) we discovered it hasn’t been found since some time in August, so the likelihood is that it has either been moved or taken. Luckily the kids weren’t too disappointed and we set off in search of the next one.

We walked through lots of muddy puddles, and through the “dandelion forest” where Jasmine picked lots of dandelion clocks and spread their seeds in patterns along the ground!

Geocaching 2The coordinates for this cache brought us to a clump of small trees and bushes in the middle of the field. From reading the logs we knew it was somewhere very well hidden under some ivy and leaf litter on the ground and so, sticks in hand, we began the search. It took a long, long time to find and I think we must have looked at it a dozen times before Gordon actually found it! We opened it up, signed the log book and swapped out the treasure. Jasmine took the little plastic purse and we replaced it with a keyring we’d taken with us especially for swaps.

Geocaching 3How exciting! The first one we’d found by ourselves, just on coordinates and hints! (The Polesdon Lacey one was slightly easier I think as we also had a map to follow.)

We decided to find just one more before calling it a day, so we looked for the next closest and set off. None of the caches were far apart at all, but this was on the other side of the park to where we were so we had to walk over the bridges to find it. On the other side we came across some storm damaged trees from the previous week, and the kids were interested to see the branches snapped off and lying on the ground.

This final cache was by the wall, well hidden in the trees along the edge of the park and again took quite a bit of finding, although this could have been because we were looking in the wrong place to start with! We found it though and there were lots of treasures inside!

Geocaching 4We all had a great afternoon geocaching and at the end of the day the kids each had some new “treasure” to take home and Gordon and I had the satisfaction of success! It was a really nice way to spend an afternoon and was a brilliant way to explore areas of Morden Hall Park that we don’t usually see. I think we’ve definitely caught the geocaching bug and it will become a regular feature in our adventures from now on.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall