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It’s still Pokemon

It’s still all Pokemon here. Although we have managed to fit in a few other things over the last couple of days!

Sunday was Pokemon, in Sutton in the morning for some shopping and pokegyms/pokestop spinning and then in the afternoon we went for a walk around Nonsuch Park to see what Pokemon we could find. It has been good for Pokemon in the past but not so much at the moment. We did catch 2 or 3 new Gen 2 ‘mons each but it was mostly boring basic Gen 1 stuff. We had a really nice walk round though.. we went to the woody side and the kids had a great time running and jumping though mud and over logs. They really are happier when out and about in woodland 🙂

On Monday we had an early start for the Recorder lesson. Unlike last time when the kids didn’t get ready in time to park at Morden Hall Park and walk over, this week we managed it and had a lovely walk through the park. The weather has been so nice over the last few days its great to not need a big thick winter coat suddenly. We caught some Pokemon (I got the Wobbaffet that ran from me on Saturday) and took in the sights and sounds of the lovely morning.

The Recorder lesson went well and the kids are really playing well. After the lesson we stayed and chatted/played for a while, then walked back through Morden Hall Park, collecting more Pokemon and battling gyms, towards Morden and a trip to Lidl for treats before heading home.

In the afternoon Ben did a Reading Eggs lesson and then we went for a quick walk through Sutton High Street to spin pokestops again!

Today has included a library trip and more Pokemon at Morden Hall Park. We went to the library this morning to return old books and get new ones. Jasmine also did some research on Egypt for a Brownie Thinking Day task and she typed up a few bullet points on the computer while we were there. We emailed it to me to print at home. There was Pokemon on the way there and back!

This afternoon we met friends at Morden Hall Park for Pokemon and running/playing/general getting muddy play!

And this evening Jasmine had Brownies, where she read out her facts on Egypt. She was very happy with herself 🙂


Gotta catch ’em all again

So the last two days of our lives have been dominated by Pokemon Go and the new Generation 2 pokemon release! When it released late on Thursday I knew that we’d be busy collecting for a few days, but I hadn’t realised quite how much we’d manage to do!

It is amazing how quickly the kids can get dressed, clean their teeth and do all the other morning jobs that normally take ages (and lots of nagging!) when new pokemon are released and we were out of the house well before 11am yesterday! We absolutely loved having shadows on our pokemon “nearby” again (having all completed the Gen 1 Pokedex over the last month) and it was so exciting finding and catching new pokemon.. kind of reminded me of when we first started playing and it was all new. We walked and walked and over two hours later realised we should stop for lunch at some point! We bough a random selection of food from a supermarket and ate in a local park where there were three lures on a group of pokestops. After lunch we set off again and did another 2+ hours of hunting. We got home some time after 5pm, and we’d walked around 15km in total!

We had caught 22 new pokemon…  Sentret, Furret, Hoothoot, Noctowl, Ledyba, Spinarak, Chinchou, Lanturn, Natu, Xatu, Marill, Hoppip, Aipom, Wooper, Murkrow, Dunsparce, Sneasel, Swinub, Piloswine, Remoraid, Mantine and Skarmory. I also managed to evolve Blissey, Slowking, Espeon and Umbreon and the kids hatched a Slugma and evolved a Porygon2.

Yesterday evening was spent quietly recovering .. well for me and Gordon anyway, the kids seemed fine!

Today I wasn’t sure whether to go on another big hunt, or have a quieter day and go tomorrow instead. But with the 6 hour lure event finishing today, and the big two claiming to be “fine” after yesterday, we decided that Jasmine, Thomas and I would go into London while Ben would stay at home with Gordon who had some work to do on his motorbike.

We left the house at around 10:30am and got the bus and tube to London Bridge. We walked from there to the Tower of London and immediately found 3 new pokemon! So we grabbed some takeaway lunch from Costa and stayed around the Tower for a while. As we finished our food we spotted another new pokemon a short walk away so went to find that, found another at the same time and then walked back to the Tower to find more! In just over an hour we’d found Sudowoodo, Gligar, Snubbull, Phanpy, Teddiursa and Octillery. I also hatched Pineco and Tyrogue.

I was also keeping an eye on trackers and fb/discord chats about sightings and discovered that Hyde Park was a Houndour nest, so we decided to get on the tube to St James Park and walk over to Hyde Park next. The last 2 times we’ve been to London pokemon hunting we said we’d go to Hyde Park but never actually got there, so this was quite an achievement! And both Jasmine and Thomas really liked it. We didn’t see much as we were pretty tired by this point so we stayed close to Hyde Park Corner and didn’t venture far, but using Pinap berries and tracking we got enough candy to evolve Houndoom reasonably quickly. We also found a Skiploom and a Cyndaquil (which the kids caught but it ran from me.)

Thomas declared he was far too tired to walk back to St James Park (and to be honest I was getting that way too!) so we got on the tube at Hyde Park Corner and once back at Morden phoned Gordon to come and pick us up from Morden Hall Park. We had just enough energy to get to the park and catch a Shuckle and a Wobbaffet (again not me as it ran).

Back at home we really were tired this time! While we’d not covered the distance we did yesterday we’d still walked around 9/10km. So this evening was a very quiet affair! We each did some evolving – I got a Crobat, the kids got Azumarill and Crobat and Gordon did Umbreon, Espeon, Azumarill, Quagsire, Politoed and Crobat. We watched TV, I read Harry Potter aloud and the kids went to sleep in record time!

So as you can see, the last 2 days really have been taken over with Pokemon Go! So much so that it is now 11:30pm and Gordon has just taken all our phones out as I spotted another “shadow” on our nearby!



The 7th Birthday

Its a quickie today for a few reasons.. I’m not on my laptop as my cooling fan is broken (or something like that) so I’m using the kids PC and I don’t like it! I’ve already spent half an hour just trying to remember my WordPress password and eventually I resorted to resetting it, the space bar on this keyboard is rubbish, the keys on the keyboard don’t feel right so I am struggling to type.. well you get the idea!

So today was Ben’s 7th birthday! I think he’s had a good day.. he definitely liked all his presents 🙂 He got some Lego Nexo Knights sets and a Pokemon TCG deck. I didn’t make a cake for today, (I’ll do that when I finally get round to organising him a party next week), but I made birthday cookies instead and they were delicious!

Other than birthday things, today has been the normal swimming and forest school for the kids. Thomas recently switched to the morning forest school group and today he came home and told me he’d really enjoyed it 🙂 This is huge as last week I wasn’t sure I’d get him back after half term. So that made me much happier 🙂

Jasmine did well in her swimming lesson again and did some more good diving (well, not really diving as she only started learning to dive last week, but she’s making a good start!)

Gordon, Thomas and I managed a 3.5km Pokemon walk while the others were at forest school this afternoon.

To keep it real I also feel like ought to be honest and mention the moments of meltdown and shouting we’ve had today as both boys struggled with the birthday idea.. but it was only a few moments really and a few calm words helped them both.

The day ended with Harry Potter aloud, excitement as we saw a Chansey on the Pokemon tracker I use, disappointment after Gordon went to get the Chansey but failed, and in the time it has taken me to type this Gordon has taken my laptop apart and discovered it is too broken to fix and needs a new part 🙁

Waves of Learning

Day 2 of the #100daysofhomeed challenge, and day 2 of me blogging again 🙂 I actually started writing this blog five hours ago but didn’t finish in time and then got caught up in dinner, chores, Brownies drop of and collection and general evening shenanigans! But the kids are in bed, lights off now so I can finally sit down and write.

This morning started with me filling in our weekly planner and then Thomas helping me get today’s dinner in the slow cooker. The kids have chores to do every day – I put out a selection and they choose what they want to do – and Thomas really loves helping me with meals. Tonight was Bean Stew so he peeled the carrots, opened all the tins and drained the beans and then added them to the slow cooker and got the spices out of the cupboard. He never wants to add the spices in case he adds too much!!

Once we’d done that Ben completed a lesson on Reading Eggs while I tried to get logged in to Khan Academy on the new PC. I totally failed as I couldn’t remember any passwords or figure out how to reset them, so Thomas had to wait for Ben to finish and then he did Khan Academy on my laptop where the passwords are saved. We haven’t used Khan Academy for months… it goes in waves like that in our house .. we’ll use something every day for a while and the nothing for months. But that definitely doesn’t mean the kids aren’t learning. In fact today Thomas was doing the section on multiplication in 10s, 100s, 1000s etc and was flying through. Most of the questions had been multiples of 2, 3, 4 and 5 and he knows those times tables. He came to the question “90×90=?”. We have talked about the 9 times table and I have shown them how to do it using fingers, but they’ve had no “formal” teaching/learning. We do also have a times table poster up in the house. So, back to the 90×90 question.. before I’d even had time to suggest I help him he said “Oh that’s easy, its 8,100”. I was gobsmacked!!!

EDIT: Since I wrote this i have discovered that it *may* in fact have been a total fluke as, while chatting to Granny (who is staying with us for a couple of days) when I mentioned 9×9 being 81 Thomas interrupted and said No, 9 add 9 is 18! So it is entirely plausible that he got the sum wrong, mixed the number order up and therefore fluked the answer!!! Either way, he got the right answer and I am still impressed 😉

So, back to today, after Thomas had done 20 minutes on Khan Academy Jasmine also wanted a go so she was next. She worked on strategies for addition and subtraction and understood it really quickly. She also did a few larger addition sums (100s without carrying) and then because I needed to make lunch and she won’t do it without me, she turned Khan Academy off and asked me to write some sums for her on paper! And she worked through them all really happily and confidently 🙂

After lunch we went to Morden Hall Park to meet up with friends, Pokemon and play. We had a lovely walk round before our friends arrived, listening and identifying bird song, trying to spot the Heron nests and of course, catching Pokemon. When our friends got there we met them in the playground and once everyone had had several turns on the zip wire we walked along the new boardwalk.

Back at home and it was general play, dinner, Brownies for Jasmine, Pokemon TCG online for Thomas, drawing for Ben, TV, Harry Potter aloud, quiet reading for J&T and bed.


Library, Lego and Geocaching

Tuesday was another busy but great half term day. In the morning I took the kids to the library while Gordon started work on the new storage in Jasmine and Thomas’ bedroom. He is building an Ikea storage solution to our Lego problem (in that we have far too much of it!). We didn’t stay too long at the library because it was very busy, but we managed to get a couple of new books each.

In the afternoon we met up with friends in Nonsuch Park and the kids did some Geocaching. We set them off to find the two that Gordon and I managed to find last week. Thomas was in charge of the phone and navigated to both really well. He loves this, and because we had already found them once before the kids knew they would get the satisfaction of success (rather than searching for ages and not finding anything.. they are like me with that and get easily fed up!) Once we’d reached each cache we gave them a few clues (hotter, colder.. that sort of thing) and they found both caches completely by themselves 🙂 The second one had a couple of little toys in it so we took them and put some back in. Unfortunately we didn’t have a pen between us so they couldn’t write on the log, but I don’t think they were too bothered about that!

1 2After we’d found the second cache it was time for us all to go home, but there was just time to clamber up a log, relax on a tree and splash in a muddy puddle as we made our way back to the car park!


Wednesday was a much quieter day, spent mostly at home. We spent quite a lot of the morning sorting through Lego. Now the new storage is mostly built it is time to start filling it! The kids have decided that they want the Lego sorted by colour so we started on the huge box we have and separated out a few colours to fill the available boxes. We realised early on that we already don’t have enough boxes so we’ll need another trip to Ikea, but we’ve managed to start on black, grey, white, red, yellow, green and blue! Its a mammoth task but by the end of the day we’d made good headway.

After an hour or so of Lego sorting Jasmine did half an hours art with Gordon and I worked with Thomas on a history “show and tell” thing for our HE Group. It isn’t until next week but I didn’t want to leave it until the last minute as I think he’ll need to prepare well in advance. The suggestion is that the kids pick a famous historical figure and find out about him/her. Thomas has chosen Samuel Pepys, to fit in with our topic on the Great Fire of London. At the library on Tuesday I found a book on Pepys, so we used this as a starting point and Thomas (with help from me) typed up what he wants to tell the group. It made me think that I should get them typing much more.. I think it will really help their spelling and grammar. Something to think about anyway.

In the afternoon we had a quick trip into town, just to get out of the house and get some fresh air. I used the excuse that we needed to go to Asda and buy garlic bread for dinner! I knew they wouldn’t say no to garlic bread! When we got back home I did more Lego sorting and the kids helped a bit but then decided to watch TV instead. Its still all about Pokemon. I really must do some research on the trading cards and get some bought.. they all really love it and are remembering so much about all the different Pokemon it is amazing!




Swimming, Pokemon, Science & Nexo Knights

After our day out at Polesden Lacey on Saturday, Sunday was a quiet, indoor day. We didn’t really do much at all. The kids played and we watched quite a lot of TV. The only thing worth mentioning is that we finished the third Harry Potter book.

Monday and Tuesday have both been positive days. Yesterday I managed to squeeze a session of Reading Eggs in with Ben before him and Jasmine had their swimming lesson. He is reading quite well now but we need to work on sight words and fluency. He tries to apply phonics to everything he reads, even if it is a sight word we’ve worked on before, so I need to have a think about what we can do going forward.

The swimming lesson went really well. Their normal teacher is off for a few weeks so they’ve got a stand-in and he seemed great. The kids liked him too, which is always a bonus! Jasmine managed lots of swimming without a float and the teacher even got Ben to put his face in the water a few times 🙂

In the afternoon we started a new science topic.. Energy. I am hoping that with this we can cover all sorts of sub-topics so we started by drawing a flow diagram of all the sorts of energy we could think off. We’d been talking about it for a couple of days already so they had lots of ideas (gravity, magnetic, wind, heat, food, movement, electricity, water). As we did some electronics last week we decided to start this topic by looking at electricity. While the kids can all build a simple circuit I want to go a bit more in-depth with them. I downloaded a few things from Twinkl and we began by looking at electrical vs non-electrical things, then watched a slide show explaining electricity (free electrons, move in one direction only). I then showed Jasmine and Thomas the worksheet on compete and incomplete circuits and asked them which circuits would and would not light the bulb. They both answered correctly and identified the reasons for their answers. I love seeing what they already know just from their own investigations 🙂 Finally we built another Connex kit and we saw how electricity (battery) was turned into movement (motor and water wheel) and how the water wheel could move water.


The kids then wanted to build another Connex kit we’ve recently bought so we started that one but they’d been “working” for quite a while by then so despite them actually wanting to do it, they argued and messed about enough that we decided it was best left for another day. They went off to play with the new Pokemon figures that also arrived today – 50 small plastic Pokemon from eBay .. just what every house needs 😉 – while I made dinner.

The evening’s excitement came in the form of the new Lego TV series – Nexo Knights. All the kids have been looking forward to this since before Christmas when they released the first instalment! So that was 30 minutes of relative calm before bed.

Today we started with handwriting, and once again I had no moaning or complaints from anyone 🙂 Jasmine and Thomas are both working on joining up now, and Ben is also making definite progress.

After lunch was Thomas’ swimming lesson and he was really looking forward to it because it was his new teacher. Once again he did so much better than previous weeks. I was watching carefully today and one thing I noticed is that the new teacher only ever does 3 or 4 widths of the same thing before moving on to something different. The old teacher used to spend a whole lesson on one thing and Thomas would get very bored. Today they worked on 4 or 5 different things in the half hour lesson and then recapped them all at the end. This works so much better for Thomas and I can see a huge improvement in ability, confidence and behaviour in just 2 lessons!

Back at home and the kids got the gears out to play with while I made dinner. This evening Jasmine went to Brownies and the boys watched more Nexo Knights. Jasmine wasn’t impressed that she’d miss it but it has been recorded so they can all watch it again tomorrow.